How to be a super mom

How to be a super mom

Heels are just a no-go when it comes to being a working mum, but check out out our guide to being super and you just might be able to pull them off.

How to be a super momSarah Jessica Parker always seems to have it together, whether it is on screen as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and The City, or off-screen as herself.  With an eight-year-old boy and two-year-old twin girls, Parker is at the peak of her working mom life.  So how does she manage to pull it all together and still have the energy to put on those sky-high pumps?

According to Parker, it’s the fact that she can afford to. There is no denying that although fame and success come with their fair share of problems, you also receive one other vital factor – lots of money. However, it is said that Parker and her husband keep no more than one nanny to help with their kids in their New York apartment. She does emphasise the fact that although she is a big part of her kids lives and is definitely a hands-on mom, she has a job that allows her to have her kids on set, she can choose when she wants to work and she can afford to look the way she does.

This makes it seem a whole lot easier, and in her film titled “How does she do it? ‘ set to release in Singapore tomorrow, Parker plays the role of a working mum, who is trying to keep her happy life pieced together. Parker claimed she was comfortable slipping into the role and right out of Carrie’s shoes, the role she is most well associated with. So is it not possible for a working mum who doesn’t own a closet full of designer clothes to maintain a balance and still look fabulous whenever she wants to? Sure it is. We made a list of secret tips that regular mums in Singapore should use on an everyday basis:


Your guide to being a super mom

1. Keep yourself positive – find pleasure in your work and your home life. For example, if you don’t enjoy cooking, but it is something you must do, find dishes you know your child or family enjoys. This will encourage you to put effort into doing something you don’t want to.

2. Make a list of chores – Get your kids and husband to help you out with chores at home, and use this time to bond with them. Even if they don’t enjoy it, make it fun, like telling them taking the trash out is a secret nighttime adventure you both are taking, or relate it to a character for example say “Spiderman takes his trash out every night doesn’t he?”

3. Take a long shower – Spend at least ten to fifteen minutes in the shower to de-stress. This might seem silly, but look at it as your everyday indulgence. Buy scented candles and nice smelling soap. This is time you have to spend alone anyway, so you should make it all about you. If showering isn’t your thing, spend at least fifteen minutes pampering yourself. Give yourself a manicure, or try curling your hair. Snacking doesn’t count as indulgence in this case.

4. Get cozy with your other half – Spend a little time talking with your husband after dark. It’s important to keep the spark between you two alive. While your kids are important, knowing your man and you are happy will motivate you to keep yourself looking and feeling good.

5. Manage your time – Find things you can do at the same time, like cooking and getting the washing done, or cleaning when your kids are doing their homework. When you have a routine worked out and your time is well managed, everything becomes so much easier.

There are various minor aspects of your daily life that you can tweak to make the parenting more relaxing and enjoyable. On a long-term basis, looking for a job that gives you leisure time, and an employer who is easy to work with are a good idea. Seng Tzer Zing says having a supportive employer is crucial. “Without this, no matter how hard you try, you can never achieve a good work-life balance”, she says. So try our tips out and let us know what you think. You may not achieve fantastic results in a day, but make regular use of it and you might just be as fashionable as Carrie and as cool as Parker.

Source: The Straits Times (September 21st 2011)

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