Scientists on how boys are conceived -- not really

Scientists on how boys are conceived -- not really

If grandma's words of wisdom aren't quite your thing, there are plenty of scientific ways you can help yourself in conceiving a boy. The bad news is, some of the science sounds almost as ridiculous as the old wives’ tales. We present 5 of the best -- and weirdest -- theories on how boys are conceived.

How boys are conceived…

Genetics will tell you that it’s the guy that determines gender at the point of  conception: girls have XX chromosomes, and boys have XY chromosomes. So while the woman’s egg will only pass on an X chromosome to a baby, it’s the man’s sperm that quite literally plays the lucky dip for an X or a Y.

Scientifically proven theories on conceiving a boy

Scientifically proven theories on how boys are conceived

All that being said, conditions for that lucky dip can still be manipulated by our fair ladies for an “unfair draw”. Scientists are still trying to validate the possibility for couples to “pick sides” with theories and studies that, though scientifically sensible, are still just theories at the end of the day.

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Boys are conceived in perfect timing? 

Timing is (slightly more likely to be) everything. Fire up your ovulation calculator for this one. Conception that occurs closest to or upon ovulation will raise the chances of you conceiving a boy; that would be on the day of ovulation itself, or one day after.

Since good, healthy sperm can survive an average of 3-4 days given the right conditions (see what orgasms do to you below), feel free to get frisky for the same amount of days around your ovulation.

But may I offer one piece of advice as a man: please explain what ovulation is to your husband, because we really don’t know the difference between that and your period, and we will never dare ask.

Banana puree

Boys are conceived by going bananas?

We previously spoke of one such study, conducted in 2008 by the University of Exeter, that says women on high-volume, high-calorie diets stand (slightly) higher chances of conceiving a boy, particularly if high-potassium food are involved — namely, bananas and cereal. And supermarkets already carry this winning boy-making formula in their shelves: it’s called banana nut crunch.

The female orgasm determines how boys are conceived?

We also mentioned the Shettles method, where the hopeful woman will try to maintain her body’s PH balance to increase chances of conceiving either gender. And what better way to root for a boy than to achieve an orgasm — before your man does. Female orgasms release an alkaline substance to make sure male-producing sperm survive longer for their trip to the mothership. Fake orgasms do not count.

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How scientists say boys are conceived -- not really

Position plays in on how boys are conceived?

You might also want to passionately whisper to your man to go deep while you’re at it. It’s not to milk him for that orgasm (though it’ll help), but deeper penetration gets his boys closer to the cervix which typically has higher alkalinity as well. With that in mind, missionary probably won’t work in your favour, so explore positions such as the doggy style, the reverse spoon, the cowgirl squat or the aptly named “Deep Impact”.

I fear I may have said too much already.

Student sex blog

Coffee in the mix for how boys are conceived?

Dr Shettles also mentioned getting your guy to drink coffee before lovemaking. While he wasn’t able to provide concrete proof, he thinks the caffeine gives the little boy sperm the required buzz to complete their journey without falling asleep halfway. And Dr Shettles is a scientist. You don’t argue with a scientist.

But you also don’t argue with your grandma.

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