How an irregular bedtime affects children

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Read more on how irregular bedtimes can negatively affect your child.

Irregular bedtime affects children

An irregular bedtime can make children sleepy all throughout the day.

Bedtimes can be such a struggle for both parents and their children. Parents are often coaxing their kids to sleep early while the kids ‘fight’ to sleep late at night.

These never-ending battles may be considered harmless but parents should know that irregular bedtime affects children negatively.

The importance of sleep

Sleeping and healthy children go hand in hand. With the right amount of sleep, children’s bones, muscles and skin will improve; their bodies will be healthier and stronger.

Sleep is important for the development of children’s minds too. Around 11 to 12 hours of sleep every day helps improve concentration and memory.

Kids will be able to pay attention to details, solve problems effectively, follow directions and have lots of energy to play.

Unfortunately, not all kids get the right amount of sleep every day.

Irregular bedtime affects children

A consistent bedtime routine can be the foundation of your child’s future.

Thus, parents should reiterate to their children the importance of sleep, explaining how an irregular bedtime affects children and their development. If they are in school, the children could have a hard time coping with their lessons, particularly in math and in reading.

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