How a gentle instant foaming body wash does wonders for kids with eczema

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Are you struggling to manage your kids’ dry and itchy condition? Read on for Mummy Candice’s review on how Curel Instant Foaming Body Wash helped to soothe her child’s eczema.


My sweet little girl has been battling with eczema since she was a baby.

My youngest child has been battling eczema since her baby days. It was easier to manage back then when simply wearing mittens or swaddling her could stop her from further aggravating the affected areas.

However, things spiralled a little out of control after she started school around the age of 2. Perspiration and dirt accumulating on the skin when kids go wild playing, the humidity of our weather when they are outdoors, and the dry environment in air-conditioned classrooms are the very things that trigger the itchiness in eczema-plagued kids.

We are hoping and patiently waiting for her to grow out of it. At the same time, we have more or less learnt how to manage her eczema after learning through some painful lessons of tears and blood (literally whenever she scratches the affected areas!).


Her skin got so itchy and irritated that she did this! Can Curel Instant Foaming Body Wash help?

A gentle wash

Besides using the prescribed medication whenever necessary, the key is to keep the skin clean and moisturised. It’s a delicate balance to maintain, as eczema medication for external use tends to dry the skin, which in turn causes itch and worsen eczema-affected areas.

Kids dirty themselves or perspire a lot pretty much all the time, especially in our climate. However, frequent baths may not be the best option as most body wash can be too dry for sensitive skin plagued by eczema. Hence it is crucial that we find a gentle body wash that not only cleanses my daughter’s skin well but also nourishes her sensitive skin.

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