Hot momma mix-up: Croatian president is mistaken for celebrity mom, Coco

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The stunning world leader does bear a striking resemblance to the reality TV star.

President Grabar-Kitarović was governing Croatia in peace and under the radar since she was elected into office in 2015, married to Jakov Kitarović for 19 years, with two kids, Katarina, 14 and Luka, 12.

But that was until a photo of her frolicking on the beach in a barely-there bikini started circulating online. The photos quickly trended on social media. But then people started wondering: is it really her?

hot momma

A few days after the photo reached viral status, reports showed that it was not her; in fact, it's another hot momma, Coco, the wife of rapper, Ice T.

hot momma

A little digging further confrimed that the photos were taken by paparazzi 6 years ago when Coco was on vacation in Miami with husband, Ice T.

The couple just had a baby girl in 2015 who they have named Chanel Nicole Marrow.

The resemblance between the two 'hot mommas', as netizens call them, is truly uncanny.

It doesn't matter, though, because the mis-credited photo has earned the head of state her own fanbase.

She isn't the only hot world leader that has come into our radar.

Just recently, the APEC week brought Mexican President Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau into the spotlight for their dashing good looks and hot dad qualities.

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