9 Vacation spots in Asia where temperatures dip below 15 degrees Celsius

9 Vacation spots in Asia where temperatures dip below 15 degrees Celsius

There are many hidden vacation spots within Asia that can give you the winter chills, quite literally. Read on to know more.

If you live in a hot Asian country, you’re already privy to sweltering heat all year long. But what if we told you that it’s possible to find winter-like vacation spots within this continent?  

Yes, you read that right!

There are many hidden gems in Asia that can give you the winter chills, quite literally. So if you’re planning a week’s retreat we’ve done the legwork for you. We have a list of vacation spots that’ll keep you cool and won’t dent your pockets. 

Escape your hot Asian town!

#1 Malaysia 

  • Kundasang, Sabah: Nestled in the gorgeous green valley of Sabah is the small town of Kundasang. Just 6 km away from Mount Kinabalu Park, it is almost 2,00o metres above sea level. On an average summer day, you can watch the mercury dipping to 13 degrees. Add to that Kundasang’s picturesque locales and stunning natural beauty, and you have the perfect winder wonderland. Say bye-bye to your hot Asian town!
  • Cameron Highlands, Pahang: Sitting atop mountains, Cameron Highlands enjoys cool weather (an average of 18 degrees) pretty much throughout the year. In addition to its green locales, it also offers a number of family activities to indulge in. You can pick strawberries from the farms, or enjoy a tour of several tea plantations. Or, if you’re a history buff, you can enjoy its colonial history.  
hot asian vacation

This year Bangkok recorded daytime temperatures between 14 and 17, making it a winter destination for sure

#2 Thailand

  • Bangkok: The Thai capital enjoys a relatively warm climate with temperatures that rarely dip below 15 degrees Celsius. However, this year, the weather department predicted daytime temperatures between 14 and 17 degrees. So this bustling city could well be your next winter holiday destination. With several historical places adjacent to the modern city, it also has something for everybody.    
  • Chiang Mai: In this beautiful cultural town of Chiang Mai, you’ll find the ‘winter’ seasons between November and February. In fact, it is during this season that you can truly enjoy the beauty of this place. And if you want to see cherry blossoms, this place has that to offer as well. The Doi Inthanon National Park can give Japan’s sakura a run for its money, both for its aesthetics and its temperature. It has been known to reach a whopping zero degrees Celsius! 

#3 Phillipines 

  • Tagaytay City: Just a few hours from the capital of Manila is the popular green destination of Tagaytay City. Here, the average temperatures can go down to 24 degrees. As a tourist looking for something cool to do, you can try going to the famous Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. You can also try zip-lining in the area, another popular leisure activity.     
  • Sagada Mountain Province: This mountain province is truly a winter destination with temperatures going as low as 20 degrees during the day. It’s a great blend of indigenous culture, natural beauty and centuries-old traditions. Don’t miss the hanging coffins and the limestone formations at the Sumaguing Cave. 
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Sapa, in Northern Vietnam, has many popular trekking hotspots as well as lush green valleys

#4 Vietnam

  • Hanoi: It is often called the ‘Paris of Asia’ and for all the right reasons. With temperatures dipping below 20 degrees between December and February, it makes for the ideal winter holiday destination. It also offers quaint ambience, several cultural locations, and delicious local and French food.     
  • Sapa: This is Northern Vietnam’s premier tourist spot and offers a more rustic charm. It also hosts some of the more popular trekking hotspots in the country as well as lush green valleys. You can choose to go during the winter season but be prepared for extremely low temperatures (between 13 and 8 degrees Celsius). You cannot complain being a part of a hot asian country anymore!

#5 Indonesia

  • Mount Rinjani, Lambok island: While Indonesia does have its fair of ‘cool’ places, this is by far the coolest. Similar to Bali, Lambok Island also has several beaches, but Mount Rinjani located within the island is famous for its cool temperatures and a volcano (the highest in the country). The hike up Mount Rinjani offers a fairly chilly experience with temperatures dipping below 10 degrees Celsius. Besides trekking, you can also stroll around the area’s various waterfalls and quaint villages. 

All of these places are budget friendly and never overcrowded.

If you are yet to plan your winter family vacation, don’t overthink it, and book a flight to any of these destinations. 

Happy holidays!

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