Homework help — A dad shares tips for getting homework done

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Give your child the homework help he needs by using these practical pointers from an experienced father.

Take note of these practical homework help tips from an experienced dad!


Let’s accept a reality of life, fellow parents: We didn’t like homework when we were kids so it’s probably reasonable not to expect our kids to do so too. Right?

However, homework — even if it’s not well-liked — is something that our children will have to deal with. We all know how challenging it is to actually do so though, so here are some tips on how we can give our kids the homework help they need:

1. Set a regular schedule for study time

Establish a regular study schedule that must be strictly followed. It could be any time before or after dinner (or whatever works for you and your child).

Once this has been established, stick with the routine. Study time means a regular time for studying (reviewing the day’s lessons, or advanced reading… or doing the ‘dreaded’ homework).

A regular study time means your kid has to sit down and study his lessons — whether he has an assignment or not. When a regular (preferably daily) study routine is established, you no longer have to worry if your child will do his homework or not, as it will become ‘automatic’ for him to do so.

2. Give him his own study area

It does not matter whether the designated study area is the family dining table or a fancy study table from one of those glossy Ikea catalogues. What is important is that the child gets his own peaceful corner where he can concentrate on his work.

Once you’ve chosen your child’s study area, make sure everyone at home understands that they have to cooperate and try not to disturb him while he’s there. Be ready to provide homework help when he needs it.

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