Holding hands isn't just for teens

Holding hands isn't just for teens

Bring that zing back into your relationship by rediscovering the lost art of Public Display of Affection (PDA).


PDA as a married couple -- why not?

Remember the time when holding hands in the MRT or stealing a kiss behind a tree sent a tingle down your spine? Just because you are married does not mean that you cannot display affection in front of others anymore. It is a natural way of telling others that you are a proud couple and sharing your happiness and contentment with the rest of the world.

It doesn’t have to be something that makes others uncomfortable or gets you in trouble with the law. You can display your affection publicly with simple, affectionate gestures like linking arms or squeezing your partner’s shoulder. Public display of affection doesn’t always have to be cheesy or worthy of an eyeroll – it can be subtle and yet show confidence!

Humming a particular song that is special to both of you is both acceptable and guaranteed to create that special feeling between you. Unbeknownst to anyone else, you can made a very personal statement to your loved one. Why is this important? Because it reminds both partners that they have something very special, something they share with just each other and which no one else has privy to. Being able to create that bubble for yourselves even in the middle of a crowd is an art to master.

Public display of affection has positive effects. Don’t you think its endearing when you see an elderly couple walking hand-in-hand in the park? It’s like they have the secret to marital longevity and happiness. And don’t you smile secretly to yourself when you see a teenage couple blushing furiously after a peck on the cheek? But remember to practice discretion, being mindful of the company and situation you are in and do it in a tasteful and dignified manner without ruffling anybody’s feathers or hurting public sentiments.

Displaying your affections publicly could be the spark that can bring the two of you closer together and make you feel young all over again.

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Written by

Sandra Ong

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