Hidden Bacteria Around Your Home Could Be Making Your Family Sick

Hidden Bacteria Around Your Home Could Be Making Your Family Sick

Did you know that there are invisible bacteria hiding all over your home?

You’ve spent several hours cleaning your house and you finally sit down to relax. Everything looks spotless on the outside.  But wait, are you sure that you’ve swept every corner of your house?! Is it possible that there are still germs and bacteria lurking around that will cause your family members to fall sick?

Check out our video about how bacteria can lurk in plain sight without you knowing and grow into a danger to your family.

They are lurking in plain sight on the largest surface area of your house

Kids love to play on the floor because they can spread all their toys out in front of them and move around easily, but do you know that bacteria thrive in the smallest bits of dirt and stains on the floor?

Whether you have tiled or carpeted floors in your home, they are both potential grounds for bacteria to grow. Due to their texture, carpets harbour all sorts of bacteria; from escaped food crumbs to dirt that’s been tracked in from outside.

Don’t think that you are safe just because you don’t have carpets at home! In fact, a study from Aston University found that bacteria transfer much more quickly from tiled flooring as opposed to carpeted surfaces1.

Hidden Bacteria Around Your Home Could Be Making Your Family Sick

They are even right next to where you eat!

A common misconception is that the bathroom is where the highest concentration of bacteria is found in the home, but it is actually the kitchen that is the dirtiest room in the house!

In 2011, the National Sanitation Foundation found that food storage and food prep areas had the highest bacteria levels in the home. Furthermore, more than 75% of kitchen rags have salmonella and e. coli bacteria on them2.

If you’re like most people, you clean your dining table and child’s highchair with a wet cloth. Warm and moist environments tend to be a breeding ground for germs3, so this can quickly create a breeding ground for bacteria right where you and your family eat.

The shelves in the refrigerator are also one of the worst culprits, as they not only store raw meat, they also become covered in spilled milk and other leftover food particles all of which combine to create a bacteria-friendly environment.

Another area of concern is the kitchen sink drain. Slimy stains from food particles can collect in the opening of the drainage if not cleaned thoroughly, and become a dangerous breeding ground for bacteria, and even end up giving off a bad smell!

They are also hiding in your curtains, carpets and other soft surfaces!

These soft surfaces are a popular breeding ground for germs because they are either not cleaned frequently, or lack the surface tension to be cleaned well. Curtains pick up germs from the air, a particular concern if anyone in your home is coughing or sneezing.

One of the worst offenders of hidden germs are the things we love for cuddling up on the sofa- these pillows and blankets are germ magnets, not just from your family members, but from visitors as well.


Hidden Bacteria Around Your Home Could Be Making Your Family Sick

Cleaning products to thoroughly clean and get at hidden bacteria

Magiclean’s products are tough on stains and bacteria and will help ensure that you have not only achieved a thorough clean, but also that you get rid of all of the hidden bacteria. The Magiclean Floor Cleaner cleans and kills stubborn bacteria in high traffic areas.

For areas where your little ones will be eating and playing as well as areas that come into contact with food, the new limited edition Magiclean Natural Plant-based Surface Cleaner from Japan, made from 100% naturally-derived cleaning agents is a safe option.

Hidden Bacteria Around Your Home Could Be Making Your Family Sick

Magiclean’s product range also has the tools to help you clean difficult surfaces areas. Some of which include the Fabric Freshener, which will keep your curtains and carpets fresh. Additionally, the Pipe & Sink Cleaner and Kitchen Bleach will thoroughly clean your kitchen, kill bacteria and prevent it from growing again. Learn more about the product range here.

By being extra vigilant about choosing the right products to thoroughly clean your home, you’ll be creating a healthier bacteria-free living environment for your family.



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