Here’s why your Chinese New Year Family Vacation Should Be On A Cruise

Here’s why your Chinese New Year Family Vacation Should Be On A Cruise

For the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays, how about hoisting the anchor for a change?

The Christmas holidays have just ended but Singaporeans are already planning their next getaway. It’s hardly surprising, as we know only too well that Singaporeans love to travel. In fact, according to a recent survey by the Department of Statistics, families here are spending more on travel as compared to five years ago

While we often associate travelling with flying across regions or taking long road trips across the border, those aren’t the only options. Travelling doesn’t always have to be about the destination. For the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays, how about hoisting the anchor for a change? 

What to expect on a cruise? 

Being on a cruise is truly an experience on its own. There is a constant buzz of excitement with a plethora of activities going on, against the backdrop of the cerulean sky and vast, blue, ocean. Considering that we live in a concrete jungle, it provides us with much-needed respite without necessarily going anywhere far! 

But that’s not all. A cruise is great for families for many reasons. 

Taking kids on a trip requires extensive planning but not when going on a cruise! You save yourself all the stress of planning an itinerary and making multiple bookings. It’s a one-stop destination with something for everyone—young and old alike. Flexible dining options allow you to eat at leisure without worrying about reservations, locations or the hassle of cooking on a trip. As far as activities go, one of the perennial joys of being on a cruise is the blissful mix of structured and unstructured time. You also get to enjoy onboard activities and explore new places when you get to the shore. You might even get to visit more exotic places at smaller ports. Here’s the best part, while luxury cruises don’t come cheap, there are always options to suit your budget. Cruises by and large are more economical than flying!

Choosing the cruise that best fits your family’s needs  

In order to fully enjoy the high seas, you need to ensure you get on a cruise that meets all your and your family’s requirements and expectations. Every family is different and here are some important considerations you should be making:

  • Budget 
  • Activities 
  • Destinations 
  • Services 
  • Food Options
  • Travel Durations 

Genting Dream & Themed Cruises 

If you’re searching for a cruise, look no further. Welcome the year of the rat aboard the Genting Dream and celebrate a joyful Chinese New Year with traditional feasting, fun and games with your family. Festive celebrations are on from Jan 3 to Feb 1, 2020. Here are some of the highlights to look out for: 

Here’s why your Chinese New Year Family Vacation Should Be On A Cruise

  • Lavish feast at sea 

Food, glorious food! A feast of Spring Festival cuisine from China, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and other Asian regions await you onboard. Indulge in the traditional Chinese roasted suckling pig, ‘Prosperity Toss’ yee sang salad, Singapore-style chilli prawn, Japanese teriyaki salmon and many more delectable delights! 

on a cruise

  • Destiny at Sea by Feng Shui Master Sherwin Tang (8th – 14th & 17th to 22nd Jan)

Sherwin Tang is a classic example of East meets West. Though modern in his outlook with his application of Natural Sciences and statistics, he remains true to the traditional teachings of geomancy. Don’t miss his sharing on the forecast for the 12 Zodiac signs, flying star arrangements and 5 important Feng Shui tips to welcome the Chinese New Year. 

on a cruise

  • The Art of Cheongsam Fashion Show (22nd Jan – 16th Feb)

Don’t forget to pack your favourite Cheongsam for a night of glitz and glamour. To celebrate this iconic dress that has captured the essence of Chinese femininity through the centuries and to celebrate the spirit of Shanghai, all passengers are highly recommended to attend the show dressed in it! 

Here’s why your Chinese New Year Family Vacation Should Be On A Cruise

  • Joyous New Year Cultural Celebrations on a cruise

Ring in the New Year with a host of cultural activities from various Asian cultures to celebrate the Year of the Rat. Meet the traditional Chinese God of Fortune, enjoy a festive funfair and New Year countdown, parade and games. To make the experience more complete, you can try out Korean HanBok costume dressing and shuttlecock kicking, Japanese Koma spinning top and Hanetsuki as well as Vietnamese Fai Chun writing. 

These are just some of the highlights of the cruise where choices for fun and relaxation are brimming. Remember, the New Year, one of the most important festivals on the calendar, is all about family reunions, blessings and lots of delicious traditional delicacies – all of which are in abundance aboard the Genting Dream. 


How does the idea of a free cruise sound? Dream Cruise wishes to uncover the biggest family group and host them on board to enjoy a hassle-free multi-generational family trip. Follow these simple steps to stand a chance to win:

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What are you waiting for? The holidays are just around the corner. Gather the family and start booking on the Dream Cruise website

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