Why the Children’s Garden at Garden’s By The Bay is actually perfect!

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Soak in for some fun in the sun for the whole family in this interactive garden

If you would have taken notice of the number of times you or your kids complained about the heat when walking around Gardens By the Bay, you’d lost count! Well, how does playing in a basketball-sized water fountain sound?

Yes, you read it right! Located at the far east of the gardens is the Far East Organisation’s Children’s Garden that is filled with interactive play areas, water play features and occasionally educational programmes. The best part – admission is free for everyone!


This interactive children’s garden started operations in early 2014 and have seen a minimum of 800 visitors per day, excluding those of school visits. The play areas including the water fountains are designed for kids aged 4 and up, with adult supervision recommended.


At the entrance, you’ll be greeted with the basketball-sized water fountain that has an automatically-operated-orchid-shaped splash buckets, hydro-vaults and water splines. Also, the water actually goes in sync with the songs that are playing in garden!

fish fountain

For the younger ones, there is a mini water fountain called the Fish Fountain that is more baby-friendly. However, adult supervision is strictly required for the Fish Fountain.

Adults and children are allowed in the water area and swimwear is not required. Always make sure to take off any footwear before entering the water play areas or you’ll be whistled at by the ground staff!

For parents who just want to sit and relax after exploring the other gardens, then the amphitheatre is perfect for you! This canopy-sheltered 300-seater amphitheatre occasionally holds performances such as cheer-leading during events.  It is also conveniently located in front of the water play areas so you can still keep an eye on your kids.


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