Helping your twins sleep at the same time

The impossible task of getting your twins to sleep at the same time is do-able!

twins to sleep

Putting the twins to sleep at the same time

Twins are a bundle of joy, but can also be a real handful when it comes down to it. As a first time parent, you will probably need some (a lot of) help, especially in the sleeping department. Getting the twins on a schedule that will allow the babies and you to sleep peacefully may be difficult, but not impossible. Here are some good ideas on how to get your twins to sleep at the same time.

Setting a good routine

In order for you to maintain your sanity, you will need to get a good routine going. Not just for putting the twins to sleep, but to schedule every part of the day and life. This way a smooth consistent bedtime routine will allow your twins to sleep at the same time and wake up fresh to enjoy every part of their day. Try a warm soothing bath, some cuddling time and maybe even a bedtime story to help them settle down.

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Sleeping together

It’s better for twins to sleep together because it gives them the comfort they need to stay relaxed. Twins have a special bond and can sense when one or the other is not present with them. Allowing twins to sleep in the same bed will calm their nerves and will also allow them to fall asleep faster and easier.

twins to sleep

Always try to put twins to sleep together

Swaddling twins to sleep

Swaddling is the best way to surround your baby with a safe, secure feeling. It helps them to feel like they are back in their mother’s womb and safe from any harm or danger. Remember,  make sure that you don’t swaddle them too tightly.

Feeding times

For this part you will need some help, because the best way to get twins to sleep at the same time is to feed them at the same time. Full bellies makes for a great recipe for tired babies, but you will need to feed them together so the routine will work better.

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Relaxing environment

When planning the design of the nursery for your twins, think relaxation. You do not want too many stimulating things in the nursery. This tends to keep the babies up instead of getting them to sleep. Keeping their nursery at a comfortable room temperature really helps in the long run. Avoid over dressing your twins too, because it really becomes problematic to get them to bed.

Did these tips help you for your twins? Do you have any additional tips to share with us? Tell us! We’d love to hear from you! Watch this video of twins putting themselves to sleep in their nursery: