Helping your baby to relieve gas

Helping your baby to relieve gas

A gassy baby is miserable baby and a miserable baby makes for a miserable mommy. The misery comes not from the fact that your baby is fussy, but from the fact that you often feel helpless to alleviate their discomfort. Here's how you can help your baby...


Here is how to help your baby get rid of that gaseous discomfort

Thankfully, however, there are things you can do to bring your little one some relief. So the next time your baby experiences an episode of gassiness, try one of the following.

Nursing babies

If you are nursing your baby, gassiness is usually the result of something you ate. It is important for you to watch your diet; avoiding spicy, gaseous foods. You may have to do without some of your favorites for a while, but ask yourself…is it really worth it? No.

Soy formula needed

If your baby is on formula and experiencing frequent bouts of gas, you may want to consider switching to soy-based formulas rather than milk-based. Being lactose-intolerant is no fun for anyone-especially a baby.

Burp your baby

Make sure you burp your baby after feeding them. Some babies burp easier than others, but don’t give up. Instead, try different methods and positions:

  • The traditional over-the-shoulder method with patting them on the back
  • The traditional over-the-shoulder method rubbing their backs in a circular motion from the base of the spine to the neck. This works the air up and out
  • Sit your baby on your lap, support their neck by cupping their chin in one hand and patting or rubbing their back with the other hand
  • Lay your baby across your lap and pat or rub their back

If your baby displays signs of being gassy, try burping them again.

Do the bicycle

Work your baby’s legs in a bicycle motion. The ‘pumping’ motion of the legs works the gas out.


Give your baby a warm bath using baby wash with lavender and chamomile. The warmth of the water and the naturally calming properties of the lavender and chamomile relaxes the muscles and helps release the gas.


Massaging you baby’s stomach with gentle circular motions can help alleviate the pain and release the gas.

OTC treatments

Simethicone drops or gripe water given orally have been a mom’s go-to for soothing a baby’s gassy tummy for decades. Be sure to follow proper dosages.


A baby with gas should not be left to cry. A crying baby sucks in more air-creating more discomfort…and more crying. Instead, comfort your baby and work to find which method will work to relieve the gas and pain that goes with it.

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