How to help your inquisitive preschooler prepare for primary school

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Find out how the curriculum at My First Skool nurtures your little one's natural curiosity and thirst for learning, while preparing them for the challenges of Primary School and beyond.

As parents of a preschooler, you know just how energetic he or she is. You would also have noticed how your child likes exploring and enjoying new experiences.

But you can’t help wonder how your child would make the transition to primary school one day or if he or she could handle the social and academic challenges that lie ahead.

You’ll be happy to know that research shows children between the ages of four to six learn best through engaging in experiences, active exploration of their environment and interaction with both adults and peers.

This type of learning known as “inquiry-led learning” is ideal for nurturing your preschoolers’ natural curiosity as well as their interest in absorbing and processing new information. It also sets a strong foundation for success in children’s future learning endeavours, and prepares them to tackle a range of academic challenges.

my first skool

At My First Skool, your child’s curiosity and natural thirst for knowledge is encouraged.

Inquiry-led learning: Helping children get school-ready

If you are looking for a preschool that will help ease your child into primary school, encourage his or her thirst for knowledge, discovery and love of new experiences, then you might consider exploring My First Skool.

As part of its inquiry-led approach, My First Skool’s Skool-Ready© Curriculum – especially designed with four- to six-year-olds in mind — includes lessons based on a particular theme as well as a project on a topic of children’s interest and choice. Your child and his classmates will be asked to come up with questions on this subject and also find the answers.

Projects encourage children to observe, come up with explanations and descriptions on living and non-living things, as well as places and events. What all this does is to encourage your child’s resourcefulness and natural curiosity — skills that will prepare him or her for primary school and beyond.

The curriculum also comprises a set of core lessons in both English and Chinese for each term (from Nursery to Kindergarten 2).

Focus on language

My First Skool’s thematic lessons include language literacy development. Other than numerous activities to enhance children’s language skills, children will also take part in fun show-and-tell sessions and class discussions, further developing their verbal skills.

My First Skool also recognises the importance of bilingualism and fosters an early interest in mother tongue learning through its interesting and innovative Bilingual Immersion Programme.

The Skool-aCe© curriculum focuses on story-telling, songs and recitation of rhymes to cultivate preschoolers’ interest in the Chinese language. Children will also learn poetry from both reading and listening, pronunciation will be developed through fun games introduced in the curriculum.

my first skool

Numeracy is taught the fun way at My First Skool!

Numeracy and creativity

While having fun through activities such as sorting shapes, counting money, weighing fruit and learning how to tell the time, your child will be learning essential numeracy skills that will carry through to primary school.

The child’s creativity and fine motor skills will be nurtured as well through origami, drawing, painting, clay modelling, writing and other activities.

Your child will also be encouraged to express his or her feelings and ideas through music and movement – and we all know just how much children enjoy singing and dancing!

my first skool

Children get the benefit of plenty of outdoor play at My First Skool

Outdoor play for active children

While outdoor play might be loads of fun, it is also crucial for the development of children’s locomotor skills (e.g. running and jumping). This is why outdoor play features strongly in My First Skool’s programme, with plenty of playtime during the week and field trips once a term.

Children at My First Skool are exposed to real experiences in classroom settings to help them prepare for Primary School. Find out more about this on the next page. 

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