When should your child start right brain training? – Right from the start!

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Experts believe that giving your child an early head start in right brain training helps to bring out the best of their potential. But how exactly does right brain training work – and why is it so important to get your little ones started during the early years? Read on to find out more…

heguru education, right brain training

How do right brain training classes at learning centres such as Heguru Education (One KM & Sengkang) help to stimulate your child’s mind?

You’ve probably heard or read about left- and right-brain dominance, where each side of the brain controls different types of thinking. But what does all this really mean, and why is it important to know?

Brain 101

heguru education, right brain training

Know the difference between your left and right brain…

The left brain, also known as the ‘reasoning’ brain, controls the conscious mind and logic and reasoning abilities. Information is processed systematically and slowly, in small quantities.

A person with left-brain dominance typically fares well in areas like logical reasoning and analytical processes.

The right brain or ‘visualisation’ brain controls the subconscious mind, imaging ability, creative development and intuitive senses.  The right brain typically processes huge chunks of information quickly and has remarkable memory retention abilities.

A person with right-brain dominance tends to be more expressive, creative and intuitive by nature.

Development of your child’s brain

heguru education, right brain training

Did you know that your child’s brain grows rapidly during the first 6 years? That is why it is recommended to expose them to right brain training classes at centres like Heguru Education (One KM & Sengkang) to stimulate their mind…

Did you know that in the early years, your child experiences rapid growth and development in his brain, nervous system and associated structures such as the eyes, upper face and parts of the skull?

At birth, a baby has more than 100 billion neural cells in the brain. What’s lacking at this stage are the necessary connections that will eventually be filled with relevant knowledge and skills as your baby learns and explores the world around him.

Research has shown that by the age of 6, more than 80% of the brain would already have been developed. That is why it is important to take advantage of this short critical window, between 0 to 6, to stimulate and develop the brain’s abilities.

Good enrichment programmes can help to unfold the powerful abilities of the right brain (high-speed data processing, photographic memory, and imaging) and the analytical abilities of the left brain.

Find out how the right brain training programmes at learning centres like Heguru Education (One KM & Sengkang) can help to develop your child’s brain during the early years! More details on the next page…