Heartwarming Choa Chu Kang Preschool Mini National Day Parade Takes Internet by Storm

Heartwarming Choa Chu Kang Preschool Mini National Day Parade Takes Internet by Storm

In a heartwarming celebration of National Day, preschoolers from Choa Chu Kang hosted a mini-National Day Parade (NDP) that has since gone viral. The children dressed up as various professionals, including Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers and airline crew, charming parents and netizens alike.

The event was captured on video by Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim, a Member of Parliament for the Chua Chu Kang Group Representation Constituency, who then shared the delightful scene on TikTok.

The preschoolers, all students at the PAP Community Foundation SparkleTots Preschool at Keat Hong, truly embodied the spirit of Singapore in their unique celebration.

@zhul.rahim Our PCF SparkleTots Preschoolers from Keat Hong 411 put up an impressive National Day Parade! Thanks to all the teachers and staff for the creativity and parents for their support. Happy National Day everyone! #keathong #zhulrahim #ndp2023 ♬ original sound – Zhul Rahim

Young SCDF Heroes and Airline Crew: A Day to Remember

The mini-NDP commenced as two young “guards” adorned in guard of honour uniforms initiated the event. Carrying the Singapore national flag and ceremonial sword, they effectively infused a glimpse of the actual parade’s magnificence into the proceedings.

In a touching turn of events, the preschoolers additionally assumed the personas of Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines symbols. Bedecked in SIA’s distinctive kebaya and pilot uniform, they were conveyed on a trolley cleverly designed to resemble Changi Airport’s control tower. Their meticulous attention to detail, encompassing the airline’s logo and cockpit window, left the audience thoroughly impressed.

Young Red Lions, SCDF Heroes, and More: Uniting in Creativity

The celebration continued with groups embodying different Singaporean roles. A team of young Red Lions, each clutching a red umbrella “parachute,” added a dash of thrill to the event. Additionally, preschoolers donned SCDF gear, complete with handmade cardboard fire trucks, emphasizing the spirit of bravery.

Representing the Singapore Army, the preschoolers showcased teamwork as they rolled in a “tank” crafted from cardboard. Moreover, the Navy and Air Force segments brought scale-model battleships and combat aircraft, reflecting Singapore’s maritime and aerial prowess.

Unity in Diversity at Choa Chu Kang Preschool: From Police to Merlion

The young representatives of the Singapore Police Force arrived with a police vehicle, topped by a preschooler dressed as a superintendent. Furthermore, adding a touch of Singapore’s heritage, the Merlion group pushed a hand-drawn Merlion statue on a trolley, complete with blue-striped water spouts.

Shared Joy and Unity at Choa Chu Kang Preschool

The mini-NDP not only celebrated Singapore’s rich diversity, but it also highlighted the youthful spirit of unity and creativity. Furthermore, parents and onlookers were deeply moved by the preschoolers’ dedication and enthusiasm in wholeheartedly embodying these iconic roles. Ultimately, the event beautifully captured the very essence of National Day — by bringing people together in a profound celebration of unity.

Additionally, this adorable mini-NDP serves as a reminder of the unity, resilience, and spirit of our nation, as seen through the eyes of our future generation. It is no wonder that this endearing display of patriotism has captured the hearts of many across the nation.



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