Heard 'POP' but can't see baby! Cheryl Lee shares her labour story

Heard 'POP' but can't see baby! Cheryl Lee shares her labour story

Cheryl Lee shares her birth story with theAsianparent and gives advice to our readers

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My first labour experience was unforgettable. I was admitted into the hospital in the morning and waited till night. The waiting was terrible because I was so hungry and giddy and the TV programs I was watching showed lots of nice and yummy eatery places!

During delivery,I had no strength to push the  baby out and the Doctor first used the suction method. I closed eyes and opened after the "POP" sound but could not find my baby! Oh My God!

Then Doctor used a 'thong' to clip out my son and I saw his soft head, the shape of the thong clip and the top of his head was red and swollen due to suction! I was relieved that my baby boy was born healthy and the redness subsided.

I would remind all mums not to  panic and fill up their stomachs before they go to the hospital they'd have strength to push.

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