Heard 'POP' but can't see baby! Cheryl Lee shares her labour story

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Cheryl Lee shares her birth story with theAsianparent and gives advice to our readers

src=https://sg admin.theasianparent.com/wp content/uploads/sites/12/2011/04/dreamstime xs 38641992.jpg Heard 'POP' but can't see baby! Cheryl Lee shares her labour story

My first labour experience was unforgettable. I was admitted into the hospital in the morning and waited till night. The waiting was terrible because I was so hungry and giddy and the TV programs I was watching showed lots of nice and yummy eatery places!

During delivery,I had no strength to push the  baby out and the Doctor first used the suction method. I closed eyes and opened after the "POP" sound but could not find my baby! Oh My God!

Then Doctor used a 'thong' to clip out my son and I saw his soft head, the shape of the thong clip and the top of his head was red and swollen due to suction! I was relieved that my baby boy was born healthy and the redness subsided.

I would remind all mums not to  panic and fill up their stomachs before they go to the hospital they'd have strength to push.

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