Cooking healthy meals quickly with WMF Perfect Pro

Cooking healthy meals quickly with WMF Perfect Pro

WMF Perfect Pro will help you cook healthy dishes for your family quickly and easily. Here are some features you must know about plus two healthy recipes.

I love to cook and feed my loved ones home-cooked meals, but since I am also a working woman, I definitely rely on home appliances to make kitchen life simpler for me.

The pressure cooker is one of the appliances that I have seen my grandma and mom using, and that now am also using. I still remember those childhood days when I used to imitate the shrill sound of the pressure cooker’s whistles. So yes, I consider it my favorite and most important mate in the kitchen.

I have used many types of pressure cookers, many of them sent by my mom and some I bought in Singapore. Somehow, their whistles become non-functioning, sometimes the ring gets torn and sometimes something goes wrong with the lid!

The WMF Perfect Pro

I discovered WMF Perfect Pro while hunting for a great pressure cooker. Yes, I have been using it and loving it! Here are some of the reasons why I find cooking with it a breeze:

  • It is made in Germany. I completely trust German products for their superior quality. WMF Perfect Pro looks handsome with its black handles and Cromargan®: 18/10 stainless steel material. My set has two pans: 4.5L Big Pan and 3.0L Small pan.
  • The size is perfect for a small family like mine.  I can choose to use a bigger or smaller pan depending on the quantity to be cooked,
  • It comes with a 3-year guarantee. It's practical and gives me a sense of security.
  • It’s easy to adjust and use the cooker according to your preferred setting. Its whole operation is based on a twist-able all-in-one control knob that can do everything – open/shut, preselection of cooking level, steam release.
  • It is a big energy-saver. Go green! It saves loads of energy. Expect around 50% reduction there. I couldn’t believe when my son’s porridge got cooked in two to three minutes.
  • There's no irritating whistling sound. Even when Perfect Pro releases steam, it has a soft sound.
  • It is suitable for all types of stove and gas tops and hobs including Induction.
  • It can be used as a multi-purpose device. You can use it for steaming, cooking, searing, browning and so on. For browning food, use it without the lid on.
  • It is easily cleaned. Simply unclip the handle and run it under the tap. It is scratch-resistant as well.
Rice and Lentils Porridge

My hubby and son love the rice and lentils porridge I make for them. It is very light on the stomach and is easy to digest.

WMF Perfect Pro

  1. Take half a bowl of rice and half a bowl of any lentils of your choice. I use yellow dhal and rice.You can also add vegetables to the mixture.
  2. Mix the contents, wash them thoroughly, add a liberal amount of water and place it in the smaller pan of WMF Perfect Pro.
  3. Start the gas, pressure cook the porridge on the default setting for three to four minutes... and done!
  4. Mash it thoroughly and add some salt and clarified butter. Serve warm.
Apple, Tomato and Parsley Soup

This soup is full of Vitamin C from apples and tomatoes and packed with Vitamin A from parsley. It's super easy to make and delicious to boot.

WMF Perfect Pro

  1. Wash and cut apples, tomatoes and parsley.
  2. Place it in the larger pan of WMF Perfect Pro after adding required quantity of water.
  3. Start the gas, pressure cook for five to six minutes, and all the contents are nicely boiled.
  4. Mash them or blend them. Add a hint of salt, pepper and sprinkle some grated cheese.

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Shubhada Bhide

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