5 Reasons all parents should use HealthHub to make their lives easier

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Ever wonder how some parents make parenting look so easy? Here’s one of their little secrets… Brought to you by HealthHub.

Parents are going to love the HealthHub app. If you can relate to this scenario, you will know why the HealthHub app is so great for you.

“Now, where did you put your child’s health booklet again?”

Does that thought sound familiar to you, especially when you’re on the way to the doctor’s office and you’re short on time?

As mums, we have to keep track of our own health, our family’s wellbeing, the household chores and so much more!

That is why you will totally love having the HealthHub app that will make it convenient for you to access your family’s health records.

So here are 5 reasons why having the HealthHub app will make parents’ lives easier:

1. It’ll be much easier to track milestones

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You have one notebook for child #1’s records and another one for child #2. You also have one for yourself and another one for your husband. That’s a lot to keep track of!

With HealthHub, you can track ALL your children’s milestones in one place. And even if you ever misplace your phone, all the information is stored in the HealthHub app, so when you log back in from any device in the future, everything is still there!

2. It is a one-stop app to record all your children's medical histories

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One thing we may not always remember is our child’s medical histories. After all, over the course of their lives, we can’t possibly remember every single detail of our child’s medical history -- and we won’t have to.

HealthHub records and “remembers” everything for you. From the time your child fell down and had to get stitches, to the time they needed to get a blood test and you got the lab report, everything is in one place.

3. It gives you access to a comprehensive hub of medical and health information by TRUSTED professionals

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On top of being a really convenient personal medical diary, this app does so much more for your family. It is also the one-stop go-to medical and health information library for all parents looking for something credible.

We all know what it is like to have a lot of fake news circulating online now. When you get your information off the HealthHub app, you know it’s from a verified and trustworthy source.

4. It’ll become a lifestyle companion to give you a good balance

healthhub for parents

Parents, you don’t think they forgot about you, do you? The Healthhub app also fulfills the needs for parents.

The Healthhub app gives you the information you need to keep your health on track and has a map to show you where all the healthy eateries are around you.

You can also record your own food journal within the app to track calories. The app also tracks your activity for the day.

Collect Healthpoints through the app by sharing articles and events as well as completing quizzes on the HealthHub app.. Then, redeem them for vouchers and more exciting rewards. There’s no excuse now to not start changing your lifestyle.

5. Stay up to date with events

healthhub for parents

Apart from giving you the information to access free yoga, piloxing, zumba, cardio, kickboxing, kpop dance classes and more, Healthhub also tells you when and where all the health-related events are happening.

If you’ve been meaning to attend a talk on diabetes to better understand it for your parents or yourself, the app will tell you when and where it is, as well as the fees (if any).

Or if you’ve been meaning to join in the next fun run, then browse the app and search for upcoming runs. The HealthHub app is being constantly updated, so you will never miss out on an important event ever again!

Downloading the HealthHub app to make your life as a parent easier now. It is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Sarah Voon