Harassed on Tinder: Singapore guy torments woman with abusive messages after she rejects him

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A Singapore woman just got badly harassed on Tinder, "Do yourself a favour by being a social needs provider in Geylang then."

A Singaporean woman was recently badly harassed on Tinder and at the receiving end of vulgar, crude messages from a guy, after she rejected him.

So much that she had to make a police report.

Woman harassed on Tinder

The case was made public by Ms. Melody Yap, a friend of the victim.

She wrote about this guy on Facebook, “Ladies who are on Tinder or any dating apps, please be warned of this psychotic creep…”

“My girlfriend matched with him on Tinder and they went for one lunch date on 30 Dec 2017, after which my girlfriend rejected him in a civil manner on Whatsapp.”

harassed on Tinder


Looks like the rejection hurt his ego badly, for he went on a rant. The messages started off as accusing and ended up being vulgar and crude…

This guy, “even threatened to go to her workplace (she’s a teacher) to “lodge a complaint” against her.”

harassed on Tinder


And he just wouldn’t stop, “My girlfriend blocked him on Whatsapp subsequently but he turned to SMS and continued sending nasty text messages.”

Even her mother wasn’t spared…

harassed on Tinder


They have since then lodged a police report with the messages as proof.

Other women come forward

What is surprising though is that, ever since Melody shared the incident on Instagram, many other women have come forward with similar experiences about the same guy!

Harassed on Tinder: Singapore guy torments woman with abusive messages after she rejects him

“He was basically smoothing his hands on my soles in an uncomfortable way…” PHOTO: FACEBOOK / MELODY YAP

Finally, Melody has this message for all women, “I want all of you—men and women alike—to know that no one needs to cower to such bullying. To all the women and girls out there, we live in a world with equality. We are in no way less superior just because we are born females.”

“Men may view women as sexual objects but we have our pride and we deserve respect no less as a person. Not all men are like that, though. Believe that there are good men out there and if one man doesn’t appreciate you, move on. Do not settle.”

“We are NOT supposed to feel low nor are we commodities for men to discuss, play with and rid of. We have to protect ourselves and be strong. Stand up and speak up against such douchebags. Do not suffer in silence.”

Well said. The time is now. Be Fearless. 

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