Discover what 80% of mums said supports their child's digestion

Don’t let your little one’s poor digestion be the cause for your distress. Find out how to keep your baby happy and healthy with the following tips.

Mummies, isn’t it common to worry about our children especially when it comes to their health? You are not alone if you do so. We’re sure mummies can relate to the 9999 question (or rant) threads on Dayre or Facebook, wondering if other mummies feel the same way. Believe us, there are many mums like you who are worried sick on this count. And the worst part is that sometimes that worry becomes so overwhelming that it begins to affect your health too.

We surveyed 203 mummies in September 2017 and here is what we found:

7 out of 10 mums are emotionally distressed due to their child’s poor digestion. Some signs of emotional distress include sleep disturbances, irritability, fatigue and more.

That is why it is so important for mums to ensure that their child’s digestion is in a healthy state.

If your child suffers from poor digestion, they might also be experiencing moodiness and crankiness on top of constipation and fussy eating. Such reasons influence mums’ choice in their current brand of formula.

Since constipation is one of the top concerns for children affected by poor digestion, mummies are actively choosing brands based on their effects on children.

An important element in formula that can aid digestion is prebiotics. Prebiotics are specialised plant fibres that nourish the good bacteria in the large bowel or colon.

They support good digestive health and smoother bowel movement.

Dumex Mamil Gold contains patented prebiotics GOS/lcFOS that helps maintain a healthy digestive system.

90% of mums who used Dumex would recommend it.

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