What your hair parting reveals about your personality

Men and women are very particular on how they style and part their hair. Did you know that the way you part your hair says a lot about your personality? Find out what all your hair parting can reveal about you!

hair parting style

Read more to find out what your hair parting style says about you!

When it comes to hair, men and women may have different styling views but they all have one goal – to keep the crowning glorious and beautiful. Styling hair can be as complex or casual as an individual may want it to be. However, a person’s hair parting style can also reveal a lot about their personality too. You might not believe this, but research shows that a person’s dominant part of his brain unconsciously directs him where he should part his hair! We tell you what your parting reveals about you:

Left hair parting style

Individuals who part their hair from the left to the right are viewed as logical, analytical, aggressive and orderly. These people are typically controlled by the left hemisphere of their brains, which makes them people who are drawn to activities that are considered mentally challenging, masculine and alpha.

How you view yourself: You are reasonable, open-minded, smart, and organized.

How other people view you: Someone who is confident, smart and very well-put together. Sometimes, behaviour could be interpreted as aloof or indifferent.

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Right hair parting style

Individuals who part their hair from the right to the left are perceived as emotional, spontaneous and creative people. This is said to be true because they are controlled by the right hemisphere of their brains. This side of the brain is more feminine and in tune with its emotions.

How you view yourself: You are very caring and intuitive. Oftentimes, you could get overly personal.

How other people view you: Someone who is independent, unique, and eccentric.

Centre hair parting style

Individuals who prefer to part their hair at the centre are viewed as calm and easy going individuals. These people are not partial to any part of their brains as they use both equally often.

How you view yourself: You are a social butterfly who can adapt to any environment. You are charming and can be easily convinced.

How people view you: Someone who is calm and collected but seldom has solid convictions.

hair parting style

Make sure you know how to find your hair parting, and then see if your personality matches the corresponding description

No hair parting style

People who do not care about their hair parting style are described as carefree and relaxed. Similar to people who part their hair in the centre, these individuals do not favour a specific hemisphere of their brain.

How you view yourself: You are casual and fuss-free.

How people view you: Someone who doesn’t do well in formal settings and tends to be a doormat at times.

Random hair parting style

People who randomly change their hair parting style depending on their mood are viewed as experimental and bold.

How you view yourself: You are outspoken and expressive. You get bored quite easily.

How people view you: Someone who is unpredictable, unreliable and exciting.

Although it is obvious that appearances play a huge role on how people see you, it can be quite a surprise to know that hair parting styles can affect how people analyze you. Men are encouraged to adopt a left parting style to make them look professional and masculine. Women can either adopt the left or right part, but if they want to be taken seriously in the field of business and other similar career fields, a left hair parting style is recommended.

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What hair parting style do you prefer and why? Do you agree with the associations of the style to the personality? Tell us what you think.

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