A simple guide to buying the most practical baby bathtub

Gone are the days where you just wash up the baby in the kitchen sink -- here is a handy guide to help you find the perfect bathtub for your precious little one's bath time


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Remember having a bath in those large plastic buckets when you were a kid?

Instead of a baby bathtub, back then your mother might have bathed you and your younger siblings in the same large bucket she would also sometimes use to soak laundry overnight or hold all the potatoes as she peeled them for a big family dinner.

Although there’s nothing wrong with that, now there are so many different kinds of baby tubs available that you won’t even know which one to choose and might feel tempted to just wash up your bub in the kitchen sink!

So if you don’t know where to start, just have a look through our guide to baby bathtubs available in Singapore and find the perfect choice for your precious bub and your budget!


Which bathtub is perfect for you?

There are so many different kinds of baby bathtubs available now, ranging from the basic standard type, to the more unconventional ones with fancy features.

So which one is the right kind for your little one and where exactly can you find it? We found some different baby bathtubs with various features to suit different needs and budgets:

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Standard bathtub: LÄTTSAM Baby Bathtub from IKEA

Standard bathtub

No frills, no extra features, just a basic plastic bathtub with an anti-slip bottom which can be placed on the bathroom floor or any large flat surface so you can wash up your bub.

This sort of tub might come with special holders or indentations for you to place your soap, sponge, bath toys and other bath time needs.

However, not all standard tubs have any special support, padding or headrest for your little one, so it might prove to be a bit tricky to give her a bath, especially for first-time parents.

Popular choices: LÄTTSAM Baby Bathtub ($15.90) from IKEA, Puku Mini Bath Tub ($29.90) and Graco Baby Bath Tub ($49.90) from Baby Kingdom, Lucky Bubble Bath Tub ($29.90) from Baby Mall

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Collapsible bathtub: Naked 2-Position Baby Bath tub

Collapsible bathtub

As the name suggests, this type of tub can be folded flat for storage and does not take up a lot of space at all.

Your baby can recline in the tub or when he grows a little bigger, you can fully expand it to suit your toddler’s size.

Remember to set it up properly though as it could fold in while your baby is still inside the tub.

Popular choices: Naked 2-Position Baby Bathtub ($139) from Omigo, Stokke Flexi Bath ($74.90) from Mothercare


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Foldable bathtub: Summer Infant Easystore Comfort Folding Bath Tub

Foldable bathtub

A lot of families in Singapore might have some space constraints, so a baby bathtub that can be folded and easily stored away when not in use will definitely be preferred.

It will also be perfect portable option for travel, as such tubs can also be folded compactly to take along for your trips!

On the downside, these tubs aren’t as solid and sturdy as non-foldable ones.

Popular choices: Summer Infant Easystore Comfort Folding Bath Tub ($53.10) from Pupsik Studio, Shoppy Foldable Secure Baby Bath Tub ($32.90) from Lazada, Lucky Baby Dip In Fold Up Bath Tub ($39.90) from Kiddy Palace


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Bucket bathtubs allow your baby to sit up instead of recline

Bucket bathtub

This style of bucket-shaped tub lets your baby to sit comfortably inside and the transparent plastic allows you to see his adorable bare bottom in the water too!

Since your baby is seated instead of lying down, it is a little easier during bath time for you give him a good rinse or a gentle wipe down without worrying that his head will slip under water.

However, these bucket style tubs don’t normally come with any padded foam or headrest for your baby’s comfort and there is also a risk of it easily tipping over.

Popular choices: Plafarm Hug Bean Baby Bath Tub ($135.24) from Lazada, Tummy Tub Bath Bucket ($46.90) and Prince Lionheart washPOD ($24.99) from Amazon

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Inflatable bathtub: Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Safety Duck Tub

Inflatable bathtub

A good inflatable tub should come with a contoured headrest, be fully padded and have a textured bottom so that your baby can have a bath in total comfort.

The best part is that this kind of baby tub is also great for travel as it deflates and folds easily to fit inside your luggage bag.

But due to the material of this tub, it might not last for very long and there is a risk of it collapsing when in use.

Popular choices: Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Safety Duck Tub ($34.90) from Toys ‘R’ Us, Richell Soft Bath ($36.90) from Mothercare, Disney Baby Inflatable Bathtub ($39.90) from Pupsik Studio, Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bathtub ($34.90) from Guardian


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Convertible bathtub: The First Years Newborn To Toddler Tub

Convertible bathtub

Let your baby chill on a mini hammock that is fitted onto the tub instead of being completely submerged in the water, as you have both hands free to wash her up.

The mesh net can also be removed when your bub grows bigger, thus converting it to be suitable for toddlers, as she can just sit directly inside the tub during bath time.

Do note though that if the hammock/ net/ mesh is not fitted correctly, or if the weight limit has been exceeded, it might suddenly detach itself when your bub is laying inside.

Popular choices: BabyOne Baby Bath Tub ($33.90) from Baby Kingdom, The First Years Newborn To Toddler Tub ($59) from First Few Years


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Bathtub with frame: Pali Beauty Baby Bath Gigi & Lele/ Bathtub with stand: Rotho Babydesign

Bathtub with frame or stand

If you’re not keen on squatting in the bathroom to give your baby a bath, or placing the bathtub in the kitchen sink, you can pamper your little one by getting a tub that can be placed on a stand or frame.

These are great for those who need to avoid bending over for too long and it helps to take the strain off your back.

Although some of the models with frames can double up as changing tables, you must be prepared fork out a bit more money to invest in these tubs and they also take up more space in your home.

Popular choices: Pali Beauty Baby Bath ($329) from First Few Years, Rotho Babydesign ($59.80 for tub and $85.80 for stand) from BabyOnline, BabyOne Bathtub with Stand ($79.90) and Brevi Bath Unit Lindo ($129) from Baby Kingdom

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Bath chair: Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat

Bath chairs

Once your baby is able to sit up and has more neck control, you can opt for a bath chair instead of a conventional tub.

Some bath chairs have fun toys attached or handy swivel features so you can make sure that you get your little one nice and clean all over.

But remember to keep a close eye on your little one when he’s using a bath chair, as there is a risk of it toppling over.

Popular choices: Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat Primary ($29.90) from Pupsik Studio, Baby Security Toddler Inflatable Bath Stool ($29.90) from Lazada


Go to the next page to see what else you need and what you should look out for when choosing a bathtub for your little one

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Make sure the baby bathtub you choose has all the safety features

Extra add-ons to consider

Not all tubs are created equal and some times you may have to purchase extra add-ons for your baby’s comfort and safety, such as:
Back rest

This will help support your baby in the tub so that he does not slip under the water, nor will you have to struggle to hold him with one hand while trying to wash him up with the other.

As they come in various shapes and sizes which may not fit all tubs universally, consider getting ones from the same brand as your tub to make sure it is compatible.

Support sponge

This functions the same as a backrest to offer more head, back and neck support to your little one in the tub, and is made of slip-resistant material which is usually contoured with soft cushioned edges.

Be sure to completely air-dry the support sponge after every bath time to prevent mould or mildew from growing.

Non-slip mat

In case the baby tub you purchased does not have a non-slip bottom, you should consider getting a non-slip mat that has small suction cups to stick to the bottom of the tub so as to ensure your little one does not accidentally slip during bath time and get submerged underwater.


Other features to look out for

Although there are so many different kinds of baby bathtubs to choose from that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, there are a few safety issues and extra features you may want to consider:


  • There should be slip-resistant backing to keep the tub from moving around when your baby is inside
  • Some bathtubs also have a foam lining, so look out for the kind that is mildew-resistant
  • It should be made of thick plastic that will stay firm in the centre and not flop over or topple, even under the weight of water
  • There should not be any rough edges that can scratch your baby’s delicate skin


  • A plug at the bottom will allow you to easily drain the water away
  • Any special strips or indicators to warn you if the water is too hot
  • A suction cup, hook, or large and wide rims so you can hang it up on the wall to dry after bath time
  • Some tubs can fit over the kitchen sink so you can save space and bathe your baby in a standing position

Optional special features

  • A built-in waterproof music system to play soothing tunes for your little one
  • An attached mini shower nozzle with spa jets or bubble machines for the ultimate bath time experience
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Never leave your child alone during bath time

Safety tips for bath time

Now that you’ve figured out which bathtub is the best one for your little one, here are some safety tips to remember:

  • Place the tub on a flat surface, as you don’t want it to slip around or move when you’re washing up your baby
  • Use a wash cloth to wipe down your baby rather than a sponge, as tiny pieces might break off and end up in her mouth
  • Never leave your kid unattended during bath time, even if it’s just for a few seconds, as just a small amount of water is enough to drown young children
  • Do not lift or move the tub with your little one inside it, as she could fall out, slip under water, or you might drop the tub — and your baby!
  • Set up the tub at your preferred spot and get all the bath time essentials (soap, shampoo, toys, towel) ready before putting your baby in the bath, to avoid having to move the tub or leave her unattended


Preloved or gifted bathtubs

We get it, having a baby isn’t that cheap and there are so many things you have to buy so some parents might want to try to save a few dollars by getting a second-hand tub or using one that was received as a gift.


If you plan on using a preloved baby bathtub, be sure to clean it thoroughly with a water-bleach solution and rinse it well in hot water.

Also make sure there are no cracks which may nip your bub’s skin or any loose parts that he might accidentally swallow and choke on.


According to traditional Chinese pre-wedding customs, the family of the bride will show their acceptance of the marriage and gratitude for the groom’s family, they return a few of the gifts given to them, otherwise known as Hui Li (??).

One of the items is a red baby bathtub, to symbolise fertility and well-wishes for the newly wed couple to produce an offspring.

As long as this gifted tub is still in good condition and does not show any signs of wear and tear (even if it has just been sitting in storage), it should be fine for your baby to use.


Which baby bathtub do you think is the best? What type of tub do you have for your little one? Leave your comments below!

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