Ground-up babies used as medicine in pills

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Medicine has reached a low as babies and foetuses are processed into pills.

Yes you did not read the headlines wrongly.

Back in 2012, The Daily Mail  uncovered a practice in China that has spread to countries such as South Korea, which piqued the interest of the authorities.

This atrocity plays off the mistaken belief that baby cells, when consumed will be able to rejuvenate and restore one’s body.

The pills looks harmless at first glance, a generic red and yellow pill that looks like it can belong in your grandmother’s pillbox. When you take a step closer, you will realise that something is amiss. The first thing to hit you will be the smell. These pills are promoted as being made recently. The particular batch found by The Daily Mail had pills made using infants 7 months old.

The rise of such a practice can be attributed to two factors:

  • A bizarre notion dating back to China’s Ming dynasty has the idea that foetuses supposedly contain great healing properties that cure everything from aging to cancer.
  • China, a country with a population over 1.3 billion possesses ‘dying rooms’ in hospitals where babies are left to die in order to avoid breaking the recently abolished one-child law. These dead babies are then ‘harvested’ and processed into pills that have a high street value.

Read on to find out what goes on behind the manufacturing process.

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