5 greatest parenting fears – and what you can do about them!

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We tend to fear things that are beyond our control - but what are your biggest fears as a parent? Check out our list now, and find out how you can overcome them.

It’s been said that the tendency to worry will somehow be woven into our DNA the minute we become a parent.

parenting fears

Parenting fears: What are some of your biggest fears as a parent?

As a mum, I certainly can attest to that. When my daughter was born, I constantly worried about everything. During the first three months, I kept a diary of her sleeping and breastfeeding schedule. I also tried to establish a daily routine, and made sure that this was followed to a tee. For days when her schedule went beyond the norm, I’ll find myself fretting and hoping that this will not cause her to be unsettled or overstimulated.

Now that my little one is now a toddler, I have learnt to let go by giving her freedom to explore her surroundings. But at the same time, I have developed a whole new set of fears and worries as I realise that it won’t be long until my little girl move on from being totally dependent on me to becoming her own person.

So, in a bid to help out other parents who might be feeling the same way, here’s a list of the top five greatest parenting fears – together with some tips to help you overcome them.

1. Helping your child realise her potential

parenting fears

As a parent, one of your biggest parenting fears will undoubtedly involve your child’s education.

As parents who are bringing up young kids in Singapore, the issue of education is constantly on our minds. We are aware of the pressure for kids to be able to catch up and do well in school – and so we do everything we can to prepare them for that.

With that perception, in comes the bulk of educational toys and apps, as well as enrichment and tuition classes for our kids. In fact, previous reports from the Department of Statistics in 2012 show that Singaporean families spend $1.1 billion a year on tuition.

What you can do

parenting fears

Filling every hour of your kids’ days with enrichment activities may not be necessary after all.

Early childhood education experts agree that it’s not necessary to buy every educational toy in the market or get stressed up by ensuring that every hour of your child’s day is filled with enrichment activities.

Paul Donahue, author of Parenting Without Fear, affirms that constant parental hovering actually makes it harder for kids to develop their independence, imagination and basic life skills. As these are crucial for your kids once they start school, you will be doing them a world of good by letting them play and explore on their own occasionally.

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