Grandmother accidentally leaves toddler in a lift – What happens next is horrifying

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What happened to little Yuan Yuan left us horrified and shocked. We share his story as well as tips on keeping your child safe even in everyday situations.

It was a normal day for little Yuan Yuan, barely 2 years old, in Chongqing, southwest China. He was in a lift with his grandmother and he had his beloved little green bike with him.

toddler in lift

It started out as a regular day for little Yuan Yuan before his nightmare began

As the lift doors opened, his grandmother wheeled out the little boy’s green bike…when the lift doors abruptly shut with Yuan Yuan inside. Seconds before they closed, a 10-year old girl, wearing a backpack, a light-blue jacket and a pink neck scarf, got in to the lift. She looked like any other schoolgirl.

What happened in the next few minutes, as captured on CCTV cameras and reported by, is shocking, gruesome and horrifyingly unbelievable.

The grainy black and white footage shows the girl carrying the child for a few seconds before slamming him into the ground. As he struggles to get back up she repeatedly kicks him, hits him and stamps on him.

toddler in a lift

Yuan Yuan’s little green bicycle

When the lift doors open on the 25th floor she is seen grabbing Yuan Yuan off the metal floor and pushing him out. ‘Shanghaiist’, an English language Chinese news website, reports that is when the girl allegedly threw the child off the building from either a window or a balcony.

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The ground outside of the building had small pools of blood near where the baby was found. It is not known if the 10-year old girl was known to the mother and child or if any of the parties lived in the building.

toddler in a lift

How little Yuan Yuan survived after being thrown down 25 floors we will never know. Let’s hope this little boy makes a full recovery.

Yuan Yuan was taken to a nearby hospital. The Beijing News reports that Yuan Yuan is alive, but seriously injured and at the time of writing this, was receiving care in the ICU of the hospital.

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