5 Good habits wives want their husbands to have

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These love gurus explain the 5 habits wives are dying for their husbands to have! Check out the list here!

Listen up, hubbies! You may be a great husband, and an astounding father…but there’s always room for improvement, right?. Your wife may be communicative and always willing to talk, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could up your game without her having to ask?

Well, luckily for you husbands out there, there are a multitude of habits that your wife would love for you to have. While she may never overtly expressed her desire for these healthy hubby habits, we’re confident if you implement them, she’s guaranteed to be a happier wife.

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Check out the list of expert advice and see what habits you should adopt as a husband:

1. Look at her

Sounds a bit silly, right? Well think about it, it’s pretty flattering when someone finds you infatuating. Your wife can certainly relate to that sentiment. Look at her and let her know that she’s quite literally the apple of your eye! Women love feeling as though they’re the most beautiful person in a room, and if you can make the love of your life feel that way by simply looking at her, you should. If you don’t believe me, let science be the proof. Research has found that when couples engage in uninterrupted eye contact for at least two minutes they feel closer and more connected.

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