Girl escapes kidnappers

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Shoved into the back of her car, with a meat cleaver pressed against her throat, the odds looked bleak for Chin Xin-Ci. However, in her panic and fear, some quick thinking allowed her to make a daring escape from her two captors. Read on to learn how she managed to flee.

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The kidnap

It was on a Sunday evening when internet marketer Chin Xin-Ci was alone, loading her shopping bags into the rear seat of her boyfriend’s car. All of a sudden, the car door was slammed into her back and a meat cleaver was pressed to her throat.

A skinny, moustached Indian man then shoved Chin into the backseat, all the while waving the cleaver and warning her not to scream.

A second person appeared, a Malay man with a crewcut, and he grabbed Chin’s car keys before takingthe driver’s seat. The Indian man got into the backseat with Chin and began to make sexual advances towards her. In her note posted on Facebook, Chin said that in that moment it hit her. “Oh my God. Oh my God. This is really happening. I’m being kidnapped.. and I think I know what they want.”

A daring escape

Fortunately for Chin Xin-Ci, she managed to escape alive and in her Facebook note, she attributed her survival to several important decisions she made in the car.

1.       She managed to get into a position to escape

In the car, the Indian man tried to force her body to the floor, a position which would severely diminish her chances of escape.  Instead she begged him to let her sit up, promising not to scream or attract attention. When he gripped her arm tightly, she told him that it really hurt and pleaded with him to loosen his grip, which he eventually did.

2.       She did not fight for the sake of fighting

Chin decided not to fight in the car. She assessed her surroundings and realized she was in a small, enclosed space, with no clear escape route. There were two assailants and they had sharp weapons. She might have been knocked out cold and thus easier to kidnap.

3.       She used her cunning

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