7 very naughty gifts for very naughty mums

Check out our selection of very naughty gifts for very naughty mums! Pssst - please don't let the kids see these...

Naughty mummies, if you ever get any of these as a present, please hide them away from your children!

#1 A Magnet that shows that you have friends in high places.


Anne Taintor Fridge Magnets ($5): Your like-minded friends will definitely find this... attractive.

#2 A fabulous headpiece, don't let it cramp your style.


Glamorous Uterus Headpiece Crown ($21.76): For hubby, as a warning, on the days you have your period. Period.

#3 Your sentiments before your morning cup of coffee


Available at Etsy.com ($21.74): Because the day is only going to get harder...

#4 For some naughty bedroom action with the hubby...


Lelo's SENSUA Suede Whip ($77.33): Inspiration, of course, is 50 Shades of Grey...


#5 To be seen and not be read


Etsy.com For Fox Sake Print: What does the fox say?

#6 Hair Down There Dye


Betty hair dye: Well, no one is going to see it right? Right *wink*?

#7 Cookie Cutters


Etsy.com Penis Cookie Cutter: Because cookies, like people, come in all shapes and sizes...

Which one will you get for Christmas?