5 places in your house where germs are hiding

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Mums and dads, you wouldn't believe where germs love to hide in your homes. But don't fret because you're about to learn about how to effectively eliminate them.

When you become a mother, the word “safety” takes on a whole new meaning. You do everything to protect the health and wellbeing of your baby, starting from the day you bring him home.

So you make sure your little one’s sleeping space is safe and that he is always monitored during “tummy time.” When he starts solids, you ensure his food is perfectly prepared to prevent choking incidents. And finally, when he starts getting more mobile, you baby-proof every inch of your house to keep him safe and sound.

Because these hazards are visible, eliminating them is comparatively simple.

But what about the hidden threats to your child’s safety lurking in your home that you can’t see, such as bacteria and other germs? How do you keep your baby safe from them?

Invisible dangers in our homes

Because your little one’s immune system is still developing and may not be strong enough to fight off certain types of virulent bacteria, it is very important to rid your home of invisible germs, including bacteria.

The kitchen sink, taps, door handles, table-tops and toys – all are fair game to these invisible health threats.

But hard surfaces are much easier to clean when compared to soft surfaces. And we all know just how grimy these items can get when you have kids.

These common household items can become home to millions of bacteria if not cleaned often, and thoroughly, posing a huge health risk to your little ones.

src=https://sg admin.theasianparent.com/wp content/uploads/sites/12/2016/02/getbabysleeplead.jpg 5 places in your house where germs are hiding

Getting rid of household germs: How can mums ensure that soft, fabric-covered surfaces – such as their baby’s mattress — are not breeding grounds for millions of bacteria?

1. Bedding items

Mattresses, pillows, quilt covers and other bedding items can end up teeming with bacteria if not cleaned regularly and properly.

According to Dr Philip Tierno, Jr., the director of clinical microbiology and immunology at New York University’s Langone Medical Center, after just one night of use, your bed sheets can accumulate a horrifying array of dead skin, bacteria, fungus, mites, and even faeces.

Research suggests that each and every time you use your bed, you are depositing more dead skin, in addition to any dirt, sweat or grease that may have also built up on your skin throughout the day.

To make matters worse, each of those elements can carry additional bacteria and dirt. The increasing level of dirt and grime is also likely to attract any number of bugs, such as dust mites, which in turn deposit their own dirt and excrement into your bed.

Regularly changing of the sheets and sunning the items are ways to keep them clean, but this takes a lot of effort, and it is difficult to ensure that bacteria and germs are effectively removed from thick items such as the mattress, where the inner layers may be harbouring more bacteria.

Having a fast cleaning solution available in the household may also come in handy in times of emergencies such as when your child spills liquid or vomits on the bed.

2. Soft toys

This is another popular hiding place for household germs that is often overlooked when cleaning. Plus, young children often get attached to these items, so it is especially crucial to keep them germ-free as they come into close contact with your child on a regular basis.

3. School items 

Your child is exposed to much social contact and foreign germs and bacteria at school or childcare. Items like their backpacks or shoes could be potential carriers of germs from the outside environment back to the home.

4. Baby prams and car seats

These are two items that are used very regularly when you have children, but don’t get cleaned as often as they should be for top hygiene.

5. Curtains

They are a popular spot for hide-and-seek loving toddlers. But all that grabbing with little fingers may leave your curtains dirtier than you would imagine.

When you are a busy mum juggling multiple tasks through your day, it is simply not easy, nor practical, to clean the items listed above in the washing machine or get them out for dry cleaning on a regular basis.

But some mums keep a secret weapon in their homes to eliminate hidden nasties in these areas… Magiclean Fabric Freshener!

src=https://sg admin.theasianparent.com/wp content/uploads/sites/12/2016/04/limited edition.jpg 5 places in your house where germs are hiding

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Fresh, natural fragrances

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Moreover, it has strong penetrative power to clean not only the surface, but also removing germs and odour from the inside out.

Its effectiveness actually saves you time and effort, giving you more hours of the day to enjoy and experience life with your family.

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