How to bust dust and eliminate allergens from your home

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If your home is not cleaned properly, it also becomes home to nasty allergens like dust mites and dead skin, triggering allergies among your loved ones. This article shows you how you can be pro-active in keeping your house allergy-free ...

getting rid of household allergies

Getting rid of household allergies: Are annoying allergies plaguing your loved ones?

Allergies can be the bane of a mum’s life. They are the reason behind your child’s constant sneezing, wheezing, dripping nose and non-stop itching. And then, of course, there’s the very serious risk that your little one could end up in hospital if the cause of the allergy goes unchecked.

If you or your loved ones suffer from allergies, know that you are not alone — almost 400 million people around the world suffer from allergies.

In Singapore, 99% of over 250 mums recently surveyed by theAsianparent Insights team, believe that dust in their house may affect their family’s health and trigger allergies in their little ones.

Needless to say, the root cause of this annoying issue is closer to home – literally – than you think.

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Most Singaporean mums believe that dust is one of the main causes behind their family’s allergies, causing symptoms such as itching and coughing.

Many allergens (the little nasties that cause allergies) begin life inside our homes. Most of the time, the problems are too small to notice. Microscopic particles hidden in dust and dirt – such as dead skin, dust mites and pollen — are the main triggers of most allergies.

House dust is actually the number one cause of allergies in the home. This is affirmed by 81% of mums who participated in theAsianparent Insights survey, who said they are concerned by the effect dust mites can have on the health of their families.

Seventy percent of mums are worried about the impact of bed bugs on their family’s health, and 69% about bacteria. Almost half the mums surveyed (47%) are concerned about mold in relation to their family’s health, followed by 33% who are worried about the health impact of  termites.

More than half the mums surveyed (69%) said their kids experience a runny or stuffy nose while at home and exactly half of those surveyed reported that their children coughed frequently.

Forty-nine percent and 25% of mums respectively said their kids suffered from itching and wheezing. All these symptoms are often associated with allergies.


To show you just how prevalent these tiny triggers of allergies are, here are some rather horrifying facts on allergens. We apologise if we make your skin crawl but we promise to tell you about getting rid of household allergies later in this article!

  • One gram of house dust contains upto one million fungi spores
  • Humans shed upto 28g of dead skin a month – roughly the weight of a packet of potato crisps!
  • Dust mites feed on dead skin and their droppings trigger allergic reactions
  • An average carpet can contain upto 1,000 dust mites per square metre
  • Beds can contain between 100,000 and more than one million dust mites

How do Singapore mums clean their homes? Find out on the next page. 

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