Degree not a must, earn while you learn — says Singapore PM

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Your child may officially no longer need a degree to be considered successful by Singapore and World standards. Read on for the full report...

earn while you learn

The formula for success may no longer include a degree.

If you have been saving up for your child’s university education and getting anxious about it, you may be interested to know what the Singapore government has to say about it.

As reported in a recent Bloomberg news article, the government is basically saying that people can still have a successful career without a degree. This is in stark contrast to the importance given to a university degree a decade or two ago.

The shift in direction comes as Singapore struggles with an impending oversupply of graduates and an undersupply of technically-trained workers.

Under the programme “earn and learn”, fresh polytechnic and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) graduates are encouraged to go on paid apprenticeships and earn industry-recognised qualifications. This scheme would match a youth with a suitable employer, which would give him training and mentorship as he studies for industry-recognised qualifications.

As a parent, you would naturally be a little confused about whether you should put in your efforts to help your child to get a degree or channel your energy towards getting him on a paid apprenticeship programme.

Find out why the programme “earn and learn” may be a good option for your child on the next page.

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