This is not a drill: Germs are evolving! Mum, this is how you can keep up to protect your family

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The germs we fight so hard against are not only getting stronger -- they’re evolving. How are Singaporean Mums protecting their families? Read on. Presented by Lifebuoy.


Mums nowadays understand the importance of inculcating healthy habits in their children rather than stopping them from enjoying their childhood to fullest. Who else would enjoy dancing in a puddle on a rainy day if not a child? And how can you stop your tot from reading stories to his or her unwell bestie?

But while mothers love to see their children play, have fun, and do good things for others, they are equally bothered by the voice at the back of their head, screaming to protect the kids from any type of infections.

It’s very well true children are vulnerable to catching all sorts of diseases; however, putting restrictions on them doesn’t serve the purpose of maintaining their good health. Modern mums know this and that’s why they are willing to take constructive steps towards avoiding illness through good hygiene.

As goes the old saying, which Dr. Christina Low of Lifescan Medical Center affirms, “Prevention is better than cure, prevention does work.” Similarly, many mums emphasize the merits of proper precaution in the fight against ever-evolving germs.

theAsianparent recently conducted a survey in Singapore among over 120 mums of children between 0 to 12 years of age. The topmost concern that the mothers expressed is not at all surprising.


A whopping 85% of the mothers surveyed believe that the germs are evolving and getting stronger, and an even larger consensus (92%) is that these germs are on their child’s body.

Put those thoughts together and what you get is 9.4 out of 10 mums agreeing that these germs can cause their children to fall sick and pretty much everyone (98%) saying that it is essential to take care that their child does not fall sick because of the germs.


The next question to ask then is what preventive measures are being taken by these mums to keep their children healthy?

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