G’Day Australia! at Changi Airport: Family Adventure & Fun + Planning Your Next Getaway

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Involving kids in the planning stages of a trip ensures they will enjoy exploring a new world. Lucky for them, the planning process we’re talking about is an immersive multimedia experience kids will definitely love.

The school break can put more pressure on mums who want to complete to-do lists while providing entertainment for the family. Guess what? You can do all of that at Changi Airport.

Now, you already know the drill: you can shop, dine, and provide heaps of fun for the kids in our very own award-winning (four years in a row now!), world-class airport.

But there’s something else that you should know… At Changi Airport’s G’Day Australia! Event, you can be on a mini-holiday while deciding and planning your next family getaway. And when we say “deciding and planning,” we mean this in an extraordinary way.

G'day Australia Exhibit

Start the fun!

Still need a few nudges before deciding on making Australia–which is on Changi Airport’s top 10 city links list–your next family adventure?

Experience Down Under like never before through an impressive 100-square metre immersive and interactive enclosure. Learning is more fun for the kids thanks to virtual reality technology, where they can immerse themselves in cruising a boat and riding a jeep.

The best part is that you can win. Complete a simple lucky draw form and drop it off at the event area for a chance to take home prizes and even win a trip to, where else, Australia. (See promo mechanics below or click here for more information.)

For children who have tons of energy to burn, the Adventure Trail is for them. They can learn more about Australia by biking through an indoor adventure trail with interactive touch points.

Adventure Trail 1_edited

As if that’s not fun enough, they will be able to spot animals and experience adventures along the trail. How cool is that?

Doing these activities with your children is a sure-fire way to get them more involved and excited for the trip. Also, it sure beats leafing or scrolling through print and online brochures.

For the younger kids who are crazy for Hi-5, there’s the Hi-5 Sand Art Activity Corner where they can colour to their heart’s content (while you and the hubby sneak off for a quick coffee break).

That’s not all. Hi-5 and the Chatterbox have performances and meet and greets at Changi Airport. For more information, click here.


Early birds can get a chance to have breakfast with Hi-5 on 25 June. There will be food (of course!), games, and an autograph session.

The G’day Australia Exhibit is open from 27 May to 26 June, 2016, 12nn to 11pm daily. Admission is free. For more information, click here.

And if in the end…

Your family decides that Australia will be your next destination, then exclusive deals are available for September / December 2016 trips and beyond.

TA Booths_edited

Travel advisor booths

Wait, did we mention that all activities mentioned above are free? All you have to do is redeem them.

Go to the next page for instructions on how to redeem.

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