Mum Shares Simple Home Remedy for Baby's Cold and Cough

Mum Shares Simple Home Remedy for Baby's Cold and Cough

Garlic is packed with much goodness that can help your little one overcome that nasty cough!

Garlic has many health benefits. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are needed by the body and has immense benefits if used correctly on a daily basis. Because of its potent anti-bacterial properties, garlic is great at fighting common infections. It can also cure digestive problems and is believed to help lower cholesterol levels. So it comes as no surprise that one mum turned to a home remedy involving garlic for cough in babies. 

Only parents will understand how difficult it is to manage a child coughing. Although a cold isn't life-threatening, it is an exhausting illness both for parents and little ones, especially with the onset of a cough. 

Malaysian mummy Mrs. Hanezfarjaz Zulaiqah has experienced this. And that why she shares a garlic oil home remedy that she says effectively relieves coughs and colds* in young children. 

She shares her garlic for cough in babies home remedy on her blog. 

*Please note this home remedy has not been tested by medical professionals. Do not use it to replace medication. If your baby is sick, remember that you should first see a paediatrician for advice. Do not try home remedies on newborns. 

Garlic for Cough in Babies: An Oil-Based Home Remedy

1. Peel off the garlic skingarlic for cough in babies

First, take 1-2 cloves of garlic. Remove the skin.

2. Burn the garlic cloves till they char

garlic for cough in babies

Next, grill the cloves on an open fire or gas stove until they turn black.

3. Mix with oil, then mash

garlic for cough in babies

Mash the burnt garlic and put it in a closed, empty bottle. Add some oil. You can use cooking oil, olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, or other types of oil.

4. It's ready for use

garlic for cough in babies

If the child has a cough, gently  massage his chest and neck with a few drops of this oil after you have bathed him. Be  patient – it takes 30 minutes before the beneficial effects of the garlic oil will have any effect, explains Mrs Zulaiqah.

Between 30 to 60 minutes, dab a few more drops of the oil and massage your baby's chest again. You should see an improvement in his coughing, and your little one should be able to get some good sleep.

Note: To those who are trying this home remedy for the first time, make sure to start off with small quantities of garlic oil. Some babies may be sensitive and unable to stand the oil, so do check if it is compatible with your baby. If you do not see any side effects, then do continue using it. 

Garlic Detox for Mummy and Daddy

Garlic can also help detoxify from toxins and help cure all sorts of diseases you are suffering from. Try this quick drink that can help detoxify your body (not for babies or children). 


1. Slice some garlic. 

2. Add a tablespoon of water and lemon water extract, and mix. 

3. Your garlic detox is ready to drink! Repeat this procedure daily and drink plenty of water everyday to get rid of toxins from the body and cure various diseases.

*These garlic oil tips by Mrs. Hanezfarjaz Zulaiqah were first shared through Facebook. The original post has gained nearly 8,000 shares, with mums having tried and acknowledged the effectiveness of garlic oil.

We hope that sharing this simple home remedy of garlic for cough in babies will benefit many mothers who are looking for ways to relieve their child's cold and coughs. However, as explained before, do remember that it is a home remedy. You should always consult a doctor or paediatrician for their opinion first if your child is sick, or if his symptoms persist or worsen.


Source: Viwanita

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