21-year-old single mum of two gang-raped and found dead

21-year-old single mum of two gang-raped and found dead

She was drugged and was helpless to defend herself....

We are saddened by the recent gang rape in Thailand case involving a 21-year-old single mum who was found dead in Chanthaburi. Believed to have been drugged or intoxicated with too much alcohol, she was helpless to save herself when four men abducted her from a nightclub.

An orphan herself, the victim raised her two young children on her own after separating from her husband. She earned a living selling cosmetics online.

The victim was with three female friends at the Orbit Pub in Muang Chanthaburi that night when they lost her. Assuming that she’d gone home, her friends left and went off on their own.

21-year-old single mum of two gang-raped and found dead

CCTV footage of the four-man gang rape in Thailand carrying the victim out of Orbit Pub in Muang Chanthaburi.

But a CCTV camera recording widely shared on social media showed four men carrying the unconscious victim out of the pub. They were seen placing her in the back of a pickup truck before speeding away.

Police Arrested All Four Men Involved in the Gang Rape in Thailand

21-year-old single mum of two gang-raped and found dead

CCTV footage capturing the men involved in the gang rape in Thailand carrying the victim to a pickup truck before speeding off.

Four men were arrested for the gang rape in Thailand. Natthapong Saenkla, 24, Patthawee Boontham, 23, Surasit Jaikhammee, 23, and an 18-year-old man whose name was withheld due to his age. All three men confessed to raping the victim but denied ever drugging her.

Surasit will only be charged as an accessory to rape pending forensic test results because he claims he did not participate in the rape.

Our condolences to the family and her newly orphaned children. Nobody deserves to be a victim of such a heinous crime. 

Be Street Smart to Defend Yourself Against Potential Rape

Rapists are predators. There is no way to tell who their next victim will be, which is why the number one rule is to always be aware of your surroundings.

Knowing how to defend yourself is a plus. But by following these simple tips, it could help you stay safe:

  1. Be constantly aware of your surroundings.
  2. Never leave your drink unattended.
  3. Drink responsibly and be assertive when you’ve had too much to drink.
  4. Always stay with your friends and go everywhere in a group.
  5. Always have a DD (Designated Driver) or one sober friend with you.
  6. Yell, shout and draw attention to yourself in case of assault.
  7. Trust your gut instincts.

Remember it is never the victim’s fault, but always the rapist’s fault. It is not the way you dress, and you did not ask for this to happen. Stay safe and always be aware what goes on around you.


Source: Straits Times

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