Funny sleeping positions all new parents can relate to

Are any of these silly sleeping arrangements familiar to you at all?

The folks at have illustrated the many sleeping positions that new parents will have to endure when sleeping with their bundle of joy in the bed.

Some are a little more practical than others, but they are all hilarious! Let us know if you're familiar with any of these sidesplitting sleep positions, parents!

The Stalker

Do you have that feeling that you're being watched?

The Dog House

Sometimes dads get kicked to the curb in exchange for more space and comfort

Jazz Hands

The classy appeal of jazz does not help new parents catch some z's

The Pillow Fort

Some extra pillows may be required for this cozy technique

The Petting Zoo

Now the whole household can get in on the bedtime action!

The Donkey Kong

Just make sure your baby doesn't throw pillows like their barrels

The Roundhouse Kick

Not the ideal sleeping position, but Chuck Norris would be proud

"H" Is for Hell

Help your baby learn the alphabet by becoming the alphabet

Snow Angels

Sure, it's not really snow, but it definitely beats playing in the cold weather!

Roll-On Deodorant

Guaranteed freshness and odour protection all through the night.