Five fun-filled quick getaways for those who hate flying

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If you love going on vacation and bringing your family for quick getaways but dislike the hassle of getting on a plane, here are five great destinations for you to check out which is perfect for those who have a fear of flying!

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Quick getaways are great for family bonding! (Image source: Facebook – LEGOLAND Malaysia)

Whether it’s the school break, a public holiday or any other weekend where you feel like you need a short trip to escape from the daily grind, quick getaways are always great to help you relax and recharge.

But what if you’re not a fan of travelling by air? Or your heavily pregnant wife is advised not to fly towards her last trimester? Maybe you’re not keen on bringing your tiny baby onboard a flight just yet? Or you just can’t find a good deal on airfare but desperately need to go on a family vacation?

Don’t sweat, because we have found five fantastic destinations near Singapore which are accessible by land and sea – which is perfect for those who have a fear of flying!

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LEGOLAND Malaysia is just 10 minutes’ drive away from Singapore! (Image source: Facebook – LEGOLAND Malaysia)

LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort

You’ve heard about this exciting new theme park opening up just across the causeway from Singapore and you’ve longingly looked through your friends’ photos posted on social media about their fun-filled holiday at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort over the weekend – but have you actually been there yourself to experience all the exhilarating rides with your family?

quick getaways, Malaysia, holiday, vacation, family, fun, Legoland

A lot of the exciting rides and cool features are interactive and hands-on. (Image source: Facebook – LEGOLAND Malaysia)

Interactive fun

With over 70 thrilling rides, exciting slides, entertaining shows and attractions, you can expect a fun-filled hands-on experience here and your kids will thank you for bringing them on this cool interactive adventure.

Be amazed by the seven themed areas of attractions which are suitable for all ages, including the impressive Miniland which is a recreation of well-known Asian landmarks (including our beloved Merlion) that are built out of more than 30 million LEGO bricks.

Cool off from the heat at the LEGOLAND Water Park, which is the largest in the world with more than 20 exciting rides and over 70 amazing LEGO models!

You can relax while floating down the Build-A-Raft River, frolic in the water with your tots at the DUPLO Splash Safari, or get your heart pumping as you swoosh down the numerous thrilling water slides.

quick getaways, holiday, vacation, Legoland Malaysia, family, fun

LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort has something for everyone! (Image source: Facebook – LEGOLAND Malaysia)

Exciting features for all ages

Little ones five years and below can join in the fun too at the spacious DUPLO Playtown; be your mini co-captain as you navigate your boat through the water at the Boating School; or try their hand at driving a pint-sized car at the Junior Driving School, amongst many other cool rides.

Older kids can show off their strength at the Kids Power Tower as they scale up to the top to catch a glimpse of the theme park from above; watch some fascinating 4D shows at the LEGO Studio with a good variety of titles to choose from; or brave the high-speed (and wet!) LEGO Technic rides.

Mum and dad can grab this opportunity to blow off some steam and have some great fun too by braving the wild and crazy Project X ride that is 18 metres high; ride to the peak of a volcano at Dino Island and scream your lungs out as the ride plunges down into the water below; or conquer your fear of flights as you twist and turn on the heart-racing roller coaster ride called The Dragon.

quick getaways, Malaysia, Legoland, vacation, holiday, family, kids

Your kids will have the times of their lives staying in the fabulous LEGOLAND Hotel! (Image source: Facebook – LEGOLAND Malaysia)

Complete your experience

One day is definitely not enough to fully explore all the fun rides and features at the theme park and water park, so check yourself in to the super cool LEGOLAND Hotel which offers fantastic themed rooms such as Pirate, Kingdom or Adventure, that will be sure to delight your children and complete your family’s holiday experience.

As soon as you step through the awesome dragon-guarded entrance, you’ll be impressed by all interactive LEGO features, themed play areas, kid’s entertainment, friendly and professional staff and the beautifully decorated family restaurant which has a wide selection of delicious food so you can power up before heading out for more fun and adventure!

LEGOLAND Malaysia has something for everyone and is a great holiday destination for one of your quick getaways which will forever be etched in your family’s fond memories.

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You will be sure to have a memorable time with your family at LEGOLAND Malaysia. (Image source: Facebook – LEGOLAND Malaysia)

How to get there: If you are driving there in your car, go by the Tuas Second Link and proceed to Iskandar Puteri EXIT 312, where the large LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort signage will lead you right to your amazing destination!

There is also an express bus service from Singapore straight to the resort from the Singapore Flyer or Big Box at Jurong East ($20 per person for two-way coach transfer and travel insurance).

Or you can also opt for the public bus from Jurong East and Boon Lay to bring you across the causeway.


Where else can you go with your family for some quick getaways by land or sea? Go to to the next page to find out!

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