Fun everyday activities to encourage your growing baby’s development

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As your child grows older, so does his universe. Read this article to learn how fun everyday activities can encourage your growing baby’s development.

Your baby is now over six months old and beginning a whole new phase of his life – one which sees him become more active, more curious and more ready to explore the world around him.

As your baby grows, so does his radius of exploration. The fun, games and learning are now not limited to home or short walks to the neighbourhood park. At over six months of age, your baby is becoming more social – there are more playdates, longer car rides, frequent visits to grandparents and perhaps a shopping trip or two with mummy and daddy.

At this stage or rapid learning and exploration, it is important that he receive plenty of stimulation along with proper nutrition to match each development stage.

Providing your child with stimulation does not have to be complex and elaborate. There are so many everyday ways in which you can impact your baby’s development. Here are some easy to do activities for you to engage in with your child to encourage his Cognitive, Motor, Communication and Social skills between the ages of 7 months and 12 months1.

Building cognitive skills

Boy with toy car

Playing with toys that invite exploration about its workings helps in cognitive development.

Playing pickup: Retrieve your baby’s toys when he drops them — he’ll probably do this over and over again as he experiments with cause and effect.

Provide toys that respond to your baby’s touch: If a toy makes a noise, lights up, or pops open when handled a certain way, your baby will react with surprise and delight—and work hard to figure out how to make it happen again.

Watch for peekaboo developments: Your baby’s understanding of object permanence is improving, so you’re likely to see signs that he’s catching on that you’re hiding and haven’t really disappeared.

Developing Motor Skills

Toddler Eating

Allow the baby to self feed to develop motor skills.

Give toys he can handle: Choose toys that your child can explore with his hands. These items improve his hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Clear space for crawling: As your baby begins to crawl and then moves on to cruising, make sure there’s a child-safe play space for him to explore.

Add toys to water play: Sit your baby in the bathtub with a few inches of water and an assortment of toys so she can practice sitting and handling objects at the same time. Keep her under constant watch when in the water.

Let him join in feeding: At mealtime, give your baby a wide-handled plastic spoon and a cup to encourage self-feeding.

What can you do to encourage communication and social skills in your child? Click on the next page to find out.

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