Frump mummy is out, Mummylicious is in!

Frump mummy is out, Mummylicious is in!

Do you know someone who has put off pregnancy because she is worried about weight gain, going out of shape or simply losing the quality of her life? Fret not, an exciting new book entitled “The Smart Girl’s Handbook to Being MUMMYLICIOUS” will remove all these worries and change the lives of numerous women the world over.

Frump mummy is out, Mummylicious is in!

Written by mother-of-four, ex-Nike Singapore Country Marketing Manager and fashion retail entrepreneur, Christine Amour-Levar, this book offers down to earth practical advice to getting your body and your groove back post pregnancy. A life-changing read for mums and mums-to-be, “The Smart Girl’s Handbook to Being MUMMYLICIOUS” will be launched in Singapore at the beginning of April 2012 and be available at all major bookstores.

The tone of the book is that of a girlfriend sharing her experience and advice after having had four children and getting back into shape after each gruelling pregnancy. The 19 chapters are peppered with fun, personal anecdotes, as well as interesting facts and research to help you navigate the pitfalls of early motherhood on your way to getting your groove back postpartum.

Beautiful and witty watercolour illustrations keep you chuckling along the way, and match the comical and light tone of this original work. The book is useful from the moment you get home from the hospital with your bundle of joy – offering priceless functional advice such as breastfeeding tips, exercise options, dieting ideas and of course how to find the will to lose weight, the desire to dress-up, as well as the motivation to continue cultivating your mind. This enjoyable guide to being Mummylicious is not only 100% useful, it is sure to keep you both entertained and inspired!

Frump mummy is out, Mummylicious is in!

“I wish someone had given me such a book when I gave birth to my first child in New York, 11 years ago.” explains Christine Amour-Levar.  “This book is really a summary of all my research and experience along the years, as well as a collection of physical and mental tools that helped me get my body, and more importantly my groove back, after four pregnancies.”  As Christine describes it, being Mummylicious means being the best and most attractive you can possibly be as a woman and as a mother.

A woman who is Mummylicious oozes confidence and femininity and does not represent the more conventional image we have of frumpy motherhood. She has committed to taking care of herself, body and mind, and will always try to look and be her very best. She is first and foremost a woman – not just a mother.

“Mummyliciousness is about embracing motherhood and addressing your physical, mental and emotional needs as a woman, while finding your own distinct brand of beauty and brains” declares Chistine Amour-Levar.  “But being Mummylicious doesn’t mean that you spend hours in front of the mirror or at the gym while you neglect to care for your children at home. Your family and your children are your top priority, but you nurture them without losing your sense of self, or giving up on your figure and on your looks.”

The book also comes with...

A Weight-Loss Contract with Yourself, a Progressive Measurement Table for your figure, 25 MUMMYLICIOUS Recipes and is filled with interesting facts and ideas, as well as inspiring quotes from the likes of Miss Piggy, Oscar Wilde and Sir Winston Churchill no less!  A much awaited book about motherhood and feminine empowerment.

Frump mummy is out, Mummylicious is in!About The Author

Of French and Filipino descent, Christine Amour-Levar is a freelance writer, sports editor and marketing consultant currently based in Singapore, where she lives with her husband and four children. She grew up between Manila, Paris and Tokyo, and has travelled extensively due to her many work commitments.

Christine’s career started in Japan in advertising, where after graduating Cum Laude from Sophia University in Tokyo, with a BA in Business and Economics and a minor in Japanese language, she joined the firm of McCann-Erickson as an account executive.  Her experience in advertising, her language skills (she speaks six languages: French, English, Spanish, Japanese, Tagalog and conversational Portuguese) and her passion for sports, consequently led her to work in marketing for Nike in the United States, Latin America, France and Singapore.

After her stint running the Marketing Department for Nike Singapore from 2005 to 2007, Christine saw a gap in the market for Brazilian fashion, which persuaded her to launch Singapore’s first and only Brazilian multi-brand fashion boutique, Beijaflor.  She then successfully sold her business in 2010, and currently contributes articles to various regional publications such as Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Singapore, while also working as a consultant with the Special Olympics Asia Pacific regional office.

Frump mummy is out, Mummylicious is in!About The Book

The Smart Girl’s Handbook to Being MUMMYLICIOUS is published by Asia Pacific Publishing Pte Ltd in hard cover (with 164 pages), and will be available for sale at $24.95 SGD at all major bookstores in Singapore and Malaysia starting April 2012, and in the Philippines and Hong Kong by May 2012.

It will also be available starting mid-April 2012 on and via the book’s own website:


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