Friso Formula – Strong inside, through nature and science

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The perfect combination of nature and science goes into the making of Friso Formula — Building blocks for your child to be strong inside.

To make the most of life experiences, your child needs to be strong inside. And Friso has the building blocks for it.

friso formula

Children learn best through experiencing the world around them.

If you are considering giving formula to your child, you have to select one that has been specially formulated to ensure he or she gets the best nutrition and that it’s safe for their consumption.

The best formulas are those that combine the best of nature, in terms of the highest quality milk that is naturally rich in nutrients, and the best in science, in terms of how the nutrients in the milk are preserved to be a complete nutritional supplement to meet your growing child’s needs.

friso milk

Friso owns farms in the Netherlands and is in control of the entire process of manufacturing Friso formula.

The best of nature

One such formula is Friso. Friso formula offers kids the best that nature and science can offer. It is made from the high quality milk sourced from Friso’s own farms in the Netherlands.

These farms have been passed down through generations and Friso has 140 years of experience in the dairy industry. So it is safe to say that they know a lot about what makes the best milk.

friso milk

Cows on Friso farms are pure-bred and are allowed to roam about freely.

What’s more, Friso has control over the entire process of manufacturing its formula milk production — from the point of milking the cows to packaging the formula. So you know that the product you give your child is guaranteed to be of the highest standards in quality, with no third party involvement.