7 Foodie parents on Instagram who’ll inspire you to up your kitchen game

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These parents prove that you, too, can make food art by keeping it simple!

Over the past year, we’ve seen more and more parents using Instagram to share their passion for food. These foodie parents pepper our feed with gorgeous photos that give us major cravings for more!

They’ve amassed a following–some have even published their own cookbooks–but what they have in common is how they take something simple and turn it into food art.

For parents who neither have the time nor the energy to stage perfectly “art directed” food photos, these parents are truly inspiring.

Meet seven of our newest favorite foodie parents who make us believe that we, too, can be master chefs!

1. How About Cookie

This food writer/editor and mum keeps it simple but quirky. But she isn’t just a baking goddess, she also makes excellent healthy packed bento lunches using fruits and veggies.

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