Taking pictures of food: a sign of mental illness?

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It might be a Singapore thing, but don’t we all love taking pictures of our food? Experts say that this practice might hint at something as extreme as a mental illness.

Food photography -- Is taking pictures of food a Singaporean habit?

Food photography — Is taking pictures of food a Singaporean habit?

It’s almost all the time that you whip out your mobile phones upon the arrival of your meal, clicking on the camera function as fast as you can in order to snap a shot of your delicious-looking (and hopefully delicious-tasting) meal.

This seemingly harmless habit which pervades most of the world, however, has recently been in the limelight for being a likely symptom of a mental illness.

Unhealthy weight disorders

taylor_valerieDr Valerie Taylor, a mental health expert who spoke at the Canadian Obesity Summit in Vancouver early this month, has reported that such obsession with food has the potential to lead to unhealthy weight disorders.

She says that when all the focus is put on the food in photographing it, the meal itself becomes central in the gathering and the rest — the venue, the company, et cetera — is background. According to Dr Taylor, such fixation is similar to having food tattoos, both habits which promote unhealthy “fetishising” of food.

food porn

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