20 Flattering Fashion Tricks For New Mums To Look Their Best

20 Flattering Fashion Tricks For New Mums To Look Their Best

Looking stylish and feeling good after spending nine months sporting maternity wear takes making the right fashion picks! Here are a few tricks to remember

For most mums, looking good is probably the least of their worries while they long for all the sleep they can get when caring for a newborn. But there are simple fashion tricks for new mums that they can do using things already found in their wardrobe. They can do wonders to make them look their very best!

20 fashion tricks for new mums

1. Simple V-Neck

This fashion staple elongates the neck and makes you look slimmer.

2. Statement Earrings

Earrings with bold designs accentuate the jawline, elongate the neck, and are just a fun addition to your #OOTD!

3. Big sunglasses

A perfect tool for hiding the fact that you’re sleep deprived!


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4. Rolled button down polo

Make sure to choose one that's not too tight or too loose!

5. Wrap dress

This post-maternity must-have is flattering for any shape! 

6. High waisted jeans

These types of jeans are perfect for sucking in that post-baby pouch. Avoid low rise jeans at all costs!


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7. Long statement necklaces

These pieces draw the eye to the center of your outfit, making your torso appear longer and slimmer.

8. Loose Tank dress

Choose plain, neutral, flowy tank dresses as opposed to maxi dresses!

9. Long Cardigan

Not only are they cozy and comfy. They're the perfect choice if you want to appear slimmer and your problem areas are your bum and thighs.


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10. ¾ sleeved shirts

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your arms, these are good fashion picks!

11. Wedges

Not only are they comfortable, they're feminine as well!

12. Pants with small prints

Though many opt to totally stay away from printed pants for appear of appearing wider around the hips and thighs, small prints usually work to lengthen your legs.


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13. Loose shirt with shorts

Pairing a loose shirt with shorts are an easy trick for moms who want to show off their legs while still feeling conscious about their tummies!

14. Wide belt

This easy fashion fix pulls attention away from your tummy and hips.

15. Go monochramatic

Keeping your outfit within the same color scheme will do wonders in making you look slimmer and taller!


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16. Bra with support

Using only the correct bra size with support to keep up with post-pregnancy changes does wonders not only in making you look slimmer but it raises your confidence as well!

17. High waisted skirt

This classic piece makes your waist look smaller and your legs look longer!

18. Fitted blazer

A nice blazer can be used day or night. Make sure it ends right above the hips so it doesn’t look frumpy!


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19. Jeans without pockets

These types of jeans not only make your hips look narrow, it accentuates your bum, and makes your legs look longer!

20. Scarf

This simple trick to elongate your torso goes well with dresses, shorts, or pants!


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