20 Flattering fashion tricks for new mums

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Looking stylish and feeling good after spending nine months sporting maternity wear takes making the right fashion picks! Here are a few tricks to remember

For most mums, looking good is probably the least of their worries while they long for all the sleep they can get when caring or a newborn.

But there are simple tricks that any mum can do using things already found in their wardrobe that does wonders to make them look their very best!

Here are 20 of them!

1. Simple V-Neck

This fashion staple elongates the neck and makes you look slimmer.

2. Statement Earrings

Earrings with bold designs accentuate the jawline, elongate the neck, and are just a fun addition to your #OOTD!

3. Big sunglasses

A perfect tool for hiding the fact that you’re sleep deprived!

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