A Heartwarming Message From A First Time Mum To All Mothers

A Heartwarming Message From A First Time Mum To All Mothers

A first time mummy celebrates the choices she and her mummy friends have made!

This Mother’s day let the message be simple. Let it come from the heart. Let it come from other mummies. As a first time mummy, I have learnt so much this year about babies, myself and interestingly, other mummies!

Taking care of a baby makes you tiptoe into an unknown domain where one struggles with feeding, sleeping, bathing and the many choices you have to make along the way. To breastfeed or not? To latch on or to start bottle feeding? Co-sleeping or not?

Being a mother is a full-time job. We have all heard this before but it probably only believe it when your little one cries out for you at 7am, even on weekends, and yes even on public holidays.

Mummies will gravitate towards other mummies. Without even knowing their last name, you will be able to discuss exactly how much weight you gained during pregnancy, how to balance it all and maintain your sanity.

The struggle is real. The choice you make at every stage, dear mummies, is a struggle in itself. You have to decide what is best for yourself, your child and your family. What I have learnt about mummies is that they do make different choices and stand fiercely behind them, cuddling their lovely cubs tight.

Enjoy the photographs of these lovely mothers. They have all made different choices and are proud of it. The signs they hold represent a choice, a decision and they celebrate their choice.



This mothers’ day, show gratitude to everyone around you. The mummies. For their smiles and tears are real. Their decisions made are not to be questioned. Behind the dozen red roses and decadent high-tea, gift the most precious gift, the gift of acceptance. Accepting that mummy has made decisions and shall not be judged for it. Celebrate mummies and celebrate their choices.

Happy Mothers’ Day Mummies! From one mummy to all others.

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Written by

Rosvinder Kaur

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