Families evacuated after fire in Yishun flats: Safety tips for parents

Families evacuated after fire in Yishun flats: Safety tips for parents

A huge fire in Yishun flats broke out this morning (Sunday, 24 June), causing hundreds of families to be evacuated, reports The Straits Times. 

Fire in Yishun Flats: What Happened? 

According to reports, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was alerted to the fire at Block 663 Yishun Avenue 4  around 7 a.m.

While the fire broke our in a fourth floor unit, hundreds of residents were evacuated to ensure their safety.

Facebook user Dahlia SenSasi posted a video this morning, that shows just how bad the fire was. You can see thick smoke and bright orange flames engulfing the building. 

According to the SCDF and Straits Times, “two fire engines, a Red Rhino, two fire bikes, an ambulance and three support vehicles were dispatched to the scene.” It added that the fire “involved contents in the flat’s living room, kitchen and two bedrooms.”

The flames were extinguished by firefighters. 

Meanwhile, GRC of Nee Soon, Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim said in a Facebook post that he was just about to head to Changi Airport to drop his daughter there, when was was alerted about the fire. 

He expressed his gratitude to the SCDF and the police for their quick action, saying those affected by the fire will be helped. He was also thankful that no major injuries had been reported.  

So far, the cause of the blaze is unknown. Two men have been taken to hospital for treatment for smoke inhalation. 

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Safety Tips from the SCDF that Can Save Your Family’s Life in a Fire
1# Check your house for fire safety

According to estimates, 60% of domestic fires originate in the kitchen. However, anything and everything in the house could cause or spread fire (including water, if it is an oil-fueled fire). There are some rules that you should follow in the kitchen. Here is a list of things you should check at least every month, if not more frequently. 

  • Ensure that you have a working smoke detector alarm system in place.
  • Check the tubing of the cooking gas for signs of wear and tear. 
  • Do not store more than one LPG cylinder in the kitchen.
  • Use fire-resistant plywood for furnishing the house, and the kitchen in particular.
  • Do not smoke inside the house, especially when you are going to sleep.
  • Keep the candles at a safe distance from the bed, carpet, and curtains. Extinguish them before sleeping.
  • Use extension sockets with safety marks instead of overburdening one electric outlet. 
Rest of the house
  • Switch off electric appliances when not in use.
  • Don’t forget to unplug the iron after use.
  • Use an electrician instead of undertaking any electrical work on your own at home.
  • If you do, ensure that you use good quality insulation tape. 
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy at home if there is none on your floor.
  • Do not throw flammable things down the refuse chute.
  • Keep flammables like matches, lighters, out of reach of the children.
2# Learn how to use a fire extinguisher

Educate yourself and your family, including older children about the use of a fire extinguisher.

If you have one at home, replace it regularly as indicated on the cylinder. Here is a list of the types of fire extinguishers that you can use.

For most of the fires, a dry powder or a  carbon dioxide fire extinguisher would work well. However, you also need a fire blanket for kitchen fires, especially caused by cooking fats and spirits. 

3# Don’t block the fire escapes

Keep fire escapes and stairs clear of any obstruction. So don’t litter near the fire escapes. If you find that the fire escapes are locked, bring it to the notice of your residential management. If you can, arrange for a lecture on fire safety every year. A detailed list of posters on fire safety is available at the end of this article. Do spend time in going through them once. 

4# Educate the family about fire evacuation procedure

Fire can happen anytime. It is important that there is an escape plan ready for your family. Here are the things you need to ensure.

  • Take the fire drills seriously. 
  • Everybody should know the shortest and the safest way out of the building.
  • No one is to use the lifts. 
  • If a child spots a fire, he/she should tell an adult immediately. 
  • It is not the time to pick up valuables. Just run out of the building to the fire assembly area.
  • In the event of a fire, the most effective way out is to lay low and move. 
  • Plan an escape route. Ensure that the route is not blocked. And figure out an alternate escape route in the event that the original escape route is inaccessible. 
5# Unless trapped, exit by the stairs, avoid lifts

If you are in an unfamiliar place, like say, the mall, spot the fire exits. Play a game of “spot the fire exit” with your children. This way, you know where the nearest stairs are. 

When you are moving out of a building on fire, discipline is the key. Go in a single file with an adult at the lead and the children in tow. Avoid stampede. Keep calm and use your NS training to the best of your abilities. 

6# If you are trapped

If you are trapped in your house, move to a room with a window. Call 995 and let them know your situation. Open the windows as widely as possible and shout for help. Do not attempt to jump. Do not throw anyone down. It is dangerous. 

7# Rescue if you can but don’t be a hero

If you can, rescue those who need help. However, in the event of fire, the chances of fainting increase, as the blaze consumes oxygen. So, if you can, rescue. If you cannot, just leave the building. This will help the experts in a way – one less person to rescue from the building. 

Source: The Straits Times


Fire @663Yishun

Fire front of my block, hope everyone is safe..Semoga semuanya selamat.Kebakaran di hadapan blk DK berlaku baru sebentar tadi

Posted by Dahlia SenSasi on Saturday, 23 June 2018


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