Father caught filming maid in shower in Singapore

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This father was caught filming maid in shower in Singapore. Read how his devious plan got exposed...

He placed the miniature camera near the bottom of a shelf in the kitchen toilet, which only the maid used. He used blu-tack to fix the camera on the wall, and hid it behind a window scraper, and angled it towards the shower area. 

He would then wait for the maid to go to bed to retrieve camera footage, which was then carefully downloaded into his hard disk.

Filming maid in the shower

According to The Straits Times, Canadian citizen Paul Kwan, who is in Singapore on Employment Pass, has been sentenced to 12 weeks of jail for insulting the modesty of his Indonesian maid. 

Apparently, his recording device was purchased in Canada, and he cunningly chose to use it in that one week his son wasn’t in town, and when he was left alone at home with the maid.

The chance discovery of the camera happened when the maid was cleaning the toilet one day. She realised that something was horribly amiss; she quietly removed the device, packed her belongings and went straight to the maid agency. 

A police report was lodged on the very same day. 

It was later discovered that Kwan had managed to capture the maid in various states of undress, on at least 3 occasions.

Careful planning

According to Channel NewsAsia, Kwan’s defence lawyer pleaded for leniency, claiming that he was a “good man, husband and father”, and that, the case had “hit him hard, emotionally and financially”. Apparently, he is now unemployed, and has lost his job in the financial sector.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Chew however, felt that Kwan was guilty of devious planning, and had preyed on the maid when no one was at home. She also stressed that Kwan had abused his position of trust as an employer, and this “grave intrusion of privacy” of a vulnerable victim was unpardonable. 

District Judge Samuel Chua has been quoted by Channel NewsAsia as saying, “Foreign domestic workers are entitled to work in a safe environment without fear of having their privacy intruded by members of the household they are working in.”

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