5th plastic surgery op for QiuQiu 9 months after giving birth

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Local blogger, Ang Chiew Ting – better known as QiuQiu, gets plastic surgery only 9 months after giving birth. Here's the inside scoop behind her decision to go under the knife again.

Popular Singapore Blogger QiuQiu seek plastic surgery 9 months after giving birth to baby Meredith due to the unwanted-post-pregnancy saggy skin on her cheeks.

She gained 35kg during her pregnancy and lost 25kg after the birth, resulting in excess skin on her cheek and fatty deposits under her chin that wouldn’t go away. Due to her incessant need to “look good and presentable”, she went about the fully sponsored facelift and double eyelid procedure in Korea.

Although QiuQiu encourages mums to do whatever it takes to look “good”, the best way to me is to embrace motherhood – that’s what makes mothers truly beautiful.

It is important note that rushing into plastic surgery shouldn’t be your sole solution in trying to “look perfect” as sudden surgeries could have implications on the reproduction of milk in the breasts.

Remember that all mothers are beautiful in their own way and appearance should not define you as a mother.


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