Festive hair ideas for stylish mamas

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Just because you're a mother now, it doesn't mean that your sense of style and fashion has to go out the window. What better way to express your individuality than to get a cool new haircut or try a unique hairstyle? Here are some festive hair ideas for all stylish mamas out there!

If you’re a trendy mama who likes to dress up and express yourself through your fashion choices and the way you style your hair, you’ll probably love our guide to festive hair ideas that you can try out for the holiday season!

These cool looks will be the talk of the party and will also leave quite an impression on everyone!

Some are sweet and subtle and some are suited for the more daring mums who are confident enough to experiment with their hair.

Which one will you try? Have a look through our list below and pick your favourite hair trend!

1. Hair tinsel

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Tinsel doesn’t have to be reserved just for party decorations – why not have it weaved into your hair for that extra sparkle and shine to your look this yuletide season? Hair tinsel is said to be pretty lightweight and feels soft and silky like hair – so don’t worry about feeling like a walking, talking Christmas tree.   2. Galaxy hair

This gorgeous hair trend involves dyeing your hair the same colours inspired by the galaxy, such as darker shades of blue, deep purple, and turquoise.

However, the Galaxy Hair look is not that easy to achieve, so be prepared to spend up to five hours in the hair salon and do note that the upkeep is also quite difficult.

3. Granny hair

There’s an interesting new trend where you bleach out your whole head — and we’re not talking about the yellowish-orange bleached look some of you may have experimented with in your teenage years, but the more light tone that is almost white. If done right, you can look like a snow-kissed angel — but be careful when bleaching your hair, because it can potentially be damaging and you might end up with fried, frizzy hair and you may end up resembling a real granny (which is probably not really the look you want for the holidays!).     4. Split dye

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Call it split-dye or half and half, this bold look where you divide your hair down the middle then dye one side of it a different colour from the other side, is bound to turn heads and raise a few eyebrows!

If you’re the sort who can’t decide which colour you would like to dye your hair for this festive season, just pick your two favourites and go for both.

5. Rub-on hair tattoo

 Want to get a tattoo for the holidays but not sure which part to get inked? Try this unique tattoo idea on your hair instead and add some extra shimmer to your look! Rub-on hair tattoos are very similar to temporary body tattoos where you can choose your favourite design from a printed sheet and dab it onto your hair with a wet cotton ball. Easy as pie!     6. Rainbow roots


First there was ombre hair, where you kept your roots natural and dye the ends a different colour – well, now there is the complete opposite which is known as Rainbow Roots!

Different colours of dye are applied to just the roots of your hair, leaving the tips au naturale – which is great for those who want a bit of colour in their life without committing to getting a whole head of rainbow.

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